Please note that you must be accepted into a Professional Education class first before filling out the Course Enrollment Form. If you have not yet applied, please visit the Professional Education online application form.

Once you have been accepted into a Professional Education course, please complete the Tufts Gordon Institute Professional Education Course Enrollment Form. (Note: if you are going to fill out the form electronically the best way is to first save the PDF to your desktop and open it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.)

Please fill out the form with the course information listed below.  Tufts Gordon Institute will obtain the instructor’s signature and complete the remainder of the required fields on the course enrollment form.

Class Number Title Credit 2016-2017 Tuition
EM 211 Lean Six Sigma 1.0 $4,990
EM 231 Project Management Strategies & Methodologies 0.5 $2,495
EM 241 Strategic Management in the Era of Big Data Analytics 1.0 $4,990
EM 261 Leadership for Technical Professionals 1.0 $4,990
EM 254 Advancing Innovation: Breakthrough Methodologies for Technology Firms 1.0 $4,990
EM 262 Negotiation & Conflict Resolution for Engineers and Technologists 0.5 $2,495

Payment Information

Please fill out the payment section at the bottom of the enrollment form. Payment is due at the time of registration. Payment can be made by check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

To pay by check:
Submit your check along with your course enrollment form to Jane Wilmot at the address below.

To pay by credit card:
Please do not enter your credit card information on the form.  We will contact you over the phone for your credit card information.

Return the completed enrollment form excluding your credit card information along with your tuition payment to Jane Wilmot at Tufts Gordon Institute.

Jane Wilmot

Tufts Gordon Institute
200 Boston Ave, Suite 2400
Medford, MA 02155
P: 617-627-4723

Once your registration has been processed you will receive an email confirmation. Please allow three business days after our receipt of your enrollment form.

Note regarding Tufts eBill: Once you are registered in a Professional Education course, you will receive an automated email request from the Tufts Bursar to sign-up for Tufts eBill system.  However, payment by eBill is not allowed for students enrolled in PE courses, so there is no action required on your part.

If you require a special billing statement or receipt for reimbursement purposes, please contact Jane Wilmot: (

Registration for Tufts Employees

Tufts University employees who are accepted to enroll in a Professional Education course are eligible for Tufts Tuition Remission program if they meet the program’s eligibility requirements and obtain their supervisor’s approval. Tufts employees do not need to fill out the enrollment form to register for a Professional Education course.  Please follow the instructions regarding Tuition Remission via the Tufts HR site and fill out the following two forms : the Tuition Remission Application and the Tax Exclusion Form.  Please send the completed Tuition Remission Application and the Tax Exclusion Form to Jane Wilmot for processing at

Course Materials and Class Locations

Purchase of books and other materials required for the course is the responsibility of the student. The required books and course materials for each course are listed below.  You can purchase the materials directly from the Tufts Bookstore, or when available, from your preferred bookstore or online provider. Please note that when you search for textbooks on the Tufts Bookstore website, the Department name for Tufts Gordon Institute is “EM”.

Most Professional Education classes are held at 200 Boston Avenue or 196 Boston Avenue in Medford, MA.  There is a free parking garage located in front of the building. View directions to our facilities.

Class Location & Class Dates Course Materials
EM 211 – Lean Six Sigma 200 Boston Ave,
Suite 4745, Medford, MA 02155
Minitab 17 license
EM 231 – Project Management Strategies & Methodologies 200 Boston Ave,
Suite 4745, Medford, MA 02155
EM 261 – Leadership for Technical Professionals 200 Boston Ave,
Suite 4745, Medford, MA 02155
EM 262-Negotiation & Conflict Resolution for Engineers and Technologists 200 Boston Ave,
Suite 4745, Medford, MA 02155
Getting To Yes

Bargaining For Advantage

Difficult Conversations

Late Fees, Drop Deadlines and Refund Policy

Late fees will be calculated based on 1.5% of the outstanding balance on student accounts. This percentage will be charged on a monthly basis as long as an outstanding balance remains.  Any previous balance on an account is due upon receipt as stated on the bill. Bills that are not paid by the due date will be subject to the late fee assessment.

You may drop courses during the first two weeks of classes and receive a full refund of your tuition. After this date, refunds are calculated as follows:

Between two (2) and three (3) weeks – 80% credit adjustment
Between three (3) and four (4) weeks – 60% credit adjustment
Between four (4) and five (5) weeks – 40% credit adjustment
Between five (5) and six (6) weeks – 20% credit adjustment
Thereafter no adjustment of charges