Tuition and Expenses

Two-Year M.S. in Engineering Management:

Total Tuition: $52,800
Estimated additional costs: $0
Total estimated cost of attendance: $52,800

The tuition is all inclusive for the two-year program and includes all fees, books and lunch or dinner on class days. Parking at Tufts Gordon Institute is free and readily available. Our students appreciate the fact that there are no hidden costs. We strive to keep our tuition at a reasonable cost – evidenced in the fact that it is significantly less than the cost to earn an MBA.

Tuition is billed in four equal installments at the beginning of each semester. Students receiving tuition reimbursement from their employer may defer their tuition payment for up to 30 days after they receive their grades for a given semester. Read additional details on corporate reimbursement.

One-Year M.S. in Innovation & Management:

Tuition (12-month program): $50,000
Estimated additional costs:
Living and books $23,532
Health Insurance* $2,451
Student Health Fee $756
Graduate Student Activity Fee $50
Total estimated cost of attendance (12-month): $77,189
Optional 3rd Semester Tuition: $5,000

Note on Additional Fees:

The Graduate Student Activity Fee of $50 is assessed annually to support the activities of the Graduate Student Council. The Health Insurance Fee of $2,451 is assessed for comprehensive medical coverage for students. If desired, coverage is also available for spouses and children. This fee may be waived if proof of outside coverage from a U.S. carrier is submitted. The Comprehensive Student Health Fee of $756 for use of Tufts health and counseling services is mandatory for students enrolled half-time or more. MSIM students can elect to enroll for an additional third semester for an additional tuition cost of $5,000. Summer session course rates are listed on the Tufts Summer Session website.


There is normally very limited housing for graduate students. Full-time students in the first year of their graduate programs may apply for on-campus graduate student housing. Applications are available on-line ( and from the Residential Life Office. View additional details as well as resources for off-campus housing.

Professional Education Tuition

Tuition for the 2017-2018 Academic Year: $5,052 for 1 credit courses / $2,526 for 1/2 credit courses

Tuition payment entitles students to many campus privileges including the use of the Tufts libraries, athletic facilities, and computer labs. A valid student ID is all a student needs to take full advantage of the Tufts community benefits. Purchase of books and other required course materials are the responsibility of the student.

Up to two course credits earned as a professional education student can be applies towards the modules required to earn the M.S. in Engineering Management degree. The total tuition paid for professional education courses will be deducted from the MSEM tuition rate at the time of enrollment. For further information or questions on how the tuition paid for professional education courses reduces the MSEM program tuition, please contact a member of our admissions team at:

Registration and Payment

Tufts Gordon Institute’s program administrator will provide registration information after a student has applied and received approval to enroll in Professional Education courses. Payment is due with course registration. You can pay by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or check (payable to Trustees of Tufts College).