Jerry Brightman, PhD

Lecturer – Leadership
President of The Leadership Group (TLG)

Dr. Jerry Brightman is currently President of The Leadership Group (TLG). Founded in 1996 and currently located in Canaan, New Hampshire, TLG is focused on helping leaders and their teams understand and actualize those behaviors that will make them great. The work of TLG is creating and delivering customized leader development programs in a number of leadership areas including; leadership development; organizational learning; action learning; culture change; change management; systems thinking; dialogue and communication; team learning; and executive mentoring and coaching. In addition to program design and facilitation, Dr. Brightman does one-on-one coaching and mentoring as well as speaking engagements around the world.

Professionally, Brightman was an Assistant Professor of Management at Western Michigan University for two years prior to moving to the corporate world with Associated Metals and Minerals Corporation (ASOMA). ASOMA, a $5 billion company, was one of the first U.S. firms to partner with China. Brightman became Vice President for China Trade and helped conduct approximately $1 billion of trade with China. During his tenure at ASOMA, Brightman conducted business in approximately 75 countries, mostly in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Following his work at ASOMA, Brightman became Executive Director of Harvard’s International Marketing Institute (IMI). He designed and facilitated IMI’s six-week Summer Program as well as custom executive education programs for IMI’s global clients.

Brightman later became a Senior Consultant for Dr. Peter Senge and his organization Innovation Associates (IA). Senge wrote the seminal text on organizational learning – The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization. Brightman was a consultant and facilitator for the firm for five years, and regularly applies the principles of organizational learning with his global clientele.

Following his work at IA, Brightman joined the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), considered by many to be the world’s premier leadership training institute. Brightman was a lead trainer for the Center’s “five-day flagship program – The Leadership Development Program (LDP). He also designed custom leadership development programs for CCL clients around the world.

Dr. Brightman holds a Doctorate in Business (DBA) degree from The George Washington University, where his doctoral thesis was in the area of innovation, creativity, and planned change in organizations, an MBA from American University (Washington, DC) and a BA in Economics from Clark University (Worcester, MA).