Gerry Brown

Lecturer – Process Improvement; Supply Chain Management
Executive Director, Institute for Economic Stability

Gerry Brown is the Executive Director of the Institute for Economic Stability (IES), a non-profit which seeks to apply supply chain processes to the stabilization and economic development needs of conflict-affected nations. Prior to founding IES with a group of individuals with extensive experience in post-conflict environments, Gerry was part of the Department of Defense supply chain organization, where he divided his time between managing improvements in the DoD’s massive global supply chain, and applying supply chain principles to the revitalization of the Iraqi and Afghan economies. His work at DoD included the implementation of Lean Six Sigma, and the dissemination of best commercial and military practices in inventory positioning, commodity management and the use of advance planning and scheduling techniques.

Gerry began his professional career at IBM-France in logistics and distribution, and then worked at Andersen Consulting on material management and financial systems implementations. He later was a project leader with the Just-in-Time team at a company subsequently purchased by Black & Decker. In 1987, he joined Digital Equipment Corporation’s Material Acquisition function, where he was responsible for the development of Digital’s cycle time reduction program, early efforts in delivery to point of use systems, and automated vendor forecasting and EDI. He later joined Digital’s field sales organization, focusing on MRP and ERP implementations for discrete manufacturing and defense companies. In 1996, Gerry joined AltaVista, then part of Digital Equipment, a leading Internet Search engine as one of its earliest employees, and went on to join the management team at several e-commerce and online start-ups.

In addition to his teaching at Tufts Gordon Institute, Gerry has held appointments as a Visiting Lecturer in Supply Chain Management and Operations at Northeastern University’s College of Business Administration. He graduated with a B.A. from Amherst College, and holds an MBA from the Yale University School of Organization and Management, in addition to an Executive Diploma in Economics from the Fundação Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and French.