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Kevin Oye

Interim Director, Tufts Gordon Institute; Director, M.S. in Innovation & Management Program; Professor of the Practice

Mary Adams Viola

Director, Engineering Management Program; Professor of the Practice, Engineering Leadership, Innovation

Jack Derby

Director, Entrepreneurship Center; Cummings Family Professor of Entrepreneurship

Alicia Amaral

Lecturer, Finance and Accounting; Entrepreneurial Finance

Frank Apeseche

Professor of the Practice, Business Strategy; Finance and Accounting; Finance for High-Tech Ventures; Entrepreneurial Finance

Mark Bamford

Lecturer, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Jennifer Braggin

Lecturer, Engineering Management

Tom Breur

Lecturer, Operations & Applied Data Science

Jerry Brightman

Lecturer, Leadership

Gerald Brown

Lecturer, Process Improvement; Supply Chain Management

Lana Caron

Lecturer, Entrepreneurship & Business Planning

Jessica Deckinger

Lecturer, Nutrition & Entrepreneurship

Gavin Finn

Professor of the Practice
President & CEO, Kaon Interactive, Inc.

Kaiser Fung

Lecturer, Applied Data Science

Steve Geary

Lecturer, Supply Chain Management

Partha Ghosh

Professor of the Practice, Globalization and Multinational Strategies; Fundamentals of Economics; Business Analytics

Victoria Godfrey

Lecturer, Marketing

Amy Hirschfeld

Senior Lecturer, Business Communication

Sergei Ikovenko

Senior Lecturer, Systematic Innovation

Ron Lasser

Professor of the Practice

Stacy Heen Lennon

Lecturer, Leadership; Conflict Resolution

Samuel Liggero

Professor of the Practice, New Product Development; Technology Strategy and Innovation

Nancy Lippe

Lecturer, Philanthropy, Social Enterprise & Community

Beth McCarthy

Lecturer, Entrepreneurial Leadership

Jay Mixter

Lecturer, Entrepreneurship & Business Planning

Tom Mooney

Lecturer, Sustainability

Jim Nash

Lecturer, Design of Experiments; Project Management and Software Methodologies

Monica Pheifer

Lecturer, Engineering Management

Kishore Pochampally

Lecturer, Lean Six Sigma; Process Capability; Systems Engineering and Optimization

Debra Reich

Lecturer, Experience Design

Marci Sapers

Lecturer, Marketing and Business Communications

Annette Sawyer

Lecturer, Leadership

Jane Seminara

Lecturer, Humanistic Perspectives on Leadership

Pamela Stepp

Lecturer, Entrepreneurial Leadership

Sarah Stockwell

Lecturer, Career Impact Seminar Series

Louise Strayhorn

Lecturer, Leadership

Josef Volman

Lecturer, Entrepreneurial Business Law

Scott Warren

Lecturer, Social Entrepreneurship

Tina Weber

Lecturer, Entrepreneurship & Business Planning

Abbott D. Weiss

Lecturer, Supply Chain Management

Josh Wiesman

Professor of the Practice, High Technology Entrepreneurship; Creative Design Process of Products

Ewa Winston

Lecturer, Leadership

Julianne Zimmerman

Lecturer, Social Entrepreneurship