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Josh Wiesman

Professor of the Practice, High Technology Entrepreneurship; Creative Design Process of Products

Josh is the President and CEO of Precision Ventures.


Josh Wiesman is the President and CEO of Precision Ventures, a Boston based operational fund that develops and licenses "small ball" medical and consumer products. His current focus is on airway management in anesthesia and infant/child products for feeding and drinking.

Josh founded his first company, TWI LLC, as a sophomore in college. Josh successfully led the company to four international license deals for portions of the patent portfolio. After launching TWI, Josh consulted for a number of the medical giants and privately funded start-ups in the medical device community. In 2008 Josh was recruited to be the Director of Engineering at Portaero, Inc., a bay area startup, where he led his team in developing a device treatment therapy for emphysema.

Josh has authored a number of medical publications, holds numerous US and international patents, and holds a MS and BS in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University.