Faculty Profiles


Name Peter Marton
Faculty Position Lecturer
Title & Company Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Simplicate, Inc.
Areas of Expertise Executive Leadership, Operations, Corporate Culture
Education Master of Business Administration, Stanford University; Bachelor of Science, Tufts University

How do you leverage your real-world experience in the classroom?
I bring relevant cases, stories, and lessons-learned from my real-world experience to the classroom in ways that are directly relevant to the material under review and the topics that will benefit my students.

What are your teaching goals; what are the learning outcomes students gain from your course?
I want my students to be inspired to find the skills and strength within themselves to achieve their personal and professional objectives. My job is to bring to my students the learning, perspective, encouragement, and reinforcement that they need to achieve this objective.

How does your class prepare students to succeed after graduating?
Through the juxtaposition of real-world examples and perspectives on top of traditional classroom methods, my students develop a good idea of how the topic can relate to and support their lives after graduation.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
To me, entrepreneurship is all about the creation of change and the creation of value. It brings intelligence, instinct, action, risk, and reward together in a marvelous way.