Tom Breur

Lecturer, Operations & Applied Data Science resized-tom breur headshot

Tom Breur works for Boston Scientific, a leading provider of medical devices that transform peoples’ lives through innovative technology. Tom leads the Data & Analytics Center of Excellence, managing a wide and diverse portfolio of technologies. His mission is to drive Digital Health forward and position Boston Scientific as a leader in data-driven decision-making.

Throughout his career he has worked in advanced analytics and data warehousing, in industries spanning financial services, telco, media, and retail. As the profession has evolved into Big Data and Data Science, he continues to lead innovative applications of data. Tom is passionate about education, and the field of Data Science is in dire need of more capable professionals. This urgent demand for talent in the marketplace has always been there, and only appears to keep growing. By hands-on instruction, experimentation and lots of practical examples from real-life cases, he manages to excite his students and bring the subject to life.