Sponsor a Student Project

The MS in Engineering Management (MSEM) Team Practicum brings the knowledge and insights of a cross-disciplinary team of experienced technology professionals to a challenge or problem you’ve identified in your company.

MSEM Consulting

Team Practicum Projects Offer Real Results.

Team Practicum, along with the Individual Leadership Project, are two significant real-world projects at the heart of the MSEM program. These projects allow students to hone and demonstrate technical leadership while adding significant value to client organizations.

Corporate clients such as Boston Engineering, EMC, EInk, Genscape, iRobot, Keystone Dental, Schlumberger, and Shire have all sponsored Team Practicum consulting projects. Our clients gain timely results at no-cost, including a detailed report with actionable insights and recommendations. Students entering the second year of the MSEM program get the opportunity to address real-world business challenges in new work environments and to sharpen their skills in team-building, leadership, and creative problem-solving.

Projects span a wide range of topics, including studies to inform product marketing or technical direction, business process reengineering, defining and reporting on key corporate metrics, analyzing websites, and assisting startups with the business planning process. To date, MSEM practicum teams have completed more than 100 projects for a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, privately held firms, not-for-profits, government agencies, and startup organizations.