Alumni Profiles


Favorite place you’ve visited:
Tossa de Mar, Catalonia, Spain

Best engineering or technical project you’ve worked on:
ACL AcuStar

Company you admire:
Tesla Motors

Name Edward Fan MSEM ’12
Position Associate, Healthcare M&A Lazard
Education B.S., Engineering Science, Tufts University, 2008

What do you do at Instrumentation Laboratory?
“I manage a new and innovative product, the ACL AcuStar, which utilizes chemiluminescent technology for clinical diagnostic testing in the Hemostasis laboratory. I provide global product and marketing support for our worldwide sales organization, and I work with Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Regulatory, Operations, and other internal stakeholders to ensure seamless commercialization of our products. I am also specialized in market analytics and competitive intelligence.”

From theory to application to promotion
“Attending the MSEM program allowed me to immediately apply the theories and tools I learned in the classroom to my career. I learn best by doing, by discussing, by making mistakes, and by first-hand experience. The real-world, application-type instruction that the MSEM program provides was very effective in allowing me to grow and learn. I am a better communicator and leader as a result. And I now have the ability to better influence other stakeholders, even those over whom I do not have authority. After completing the MSEM program, I was promoted from Product Specialist to Associate Product Manager in July 2012, and I was promoted to Product Manager in March 2013.”

What’s next?
“The next step in my career is to move up to higher-level marketing positions, such as Director of Marketing and eventually Vice President of Marketing. My ultimate goal is to become the CEO of a diagnostics/medical device/healthcare company. I believe that the MSEM degree has positioned me well to accomplish my professional goals because of the broad technical, yet management-focused, curriculum that it offers.”

Overcoming the fear of public speaking
“I became very skilled at developing presentations and speaking in public. Before I started the program, I had a fear of presenting in front of people, and I would often memorize what I would say before I presented. Now, I simply review the slides beforehand, and I present very naturally and effectively to audiences. I saw myself transform from a timid presenter to someone who looks forward to presenting and now even teaches and trains others to do so.”

On the professors in the MSEM program
“MSEM faculty are top notch—very capable and knowledgeable. They make themselves available to answer questions and to provide constructive feedback. I developed meaningful relationships with many of my professors, and I’m still in contact with some of them today.”