Alumni Profiles


Favorite website:

Favorite place you’ve visited:
Montreal, Canada

Best engineering/technical project or product you’ve worked on:
A 12-month project implementing complex business continuance technologies for Merrill Lynch.

Name John Egan, MSEM ’13
Position Distinguished Engineer, EMC Corporation
Education before Tufts B.S. in Computing, Monash University, Melbourne Australia
Work experience before Tufts CTO & Co-Founder Australian Outsourcing Pty Ltd

Where were you in your career and what drove your decision to go back to school?
I have spent most of my 30+ year career in technical roles and also managing small teams. I have been fortunate to have a successful technical career but felt that my career had stalled out. I believed that I could contribute more and for some time I had been looking for opportunity to take on more responsibility. With some 2,400 engineers in my division at EMC, it was clear to me I would need to knock the rough edges off my sometimes hard-headed approach to problem solving. Although strong technical skills had greatly contributed to my success, these skills alone were proving insufficient to progress further at EMC. So, even though I am in the later stages of my career, I decided to return to study and acquire the skills I would need to complement my leadership ambitions.

What was your favorite part of the Tufts MSEM experience?
The surprise for me in the Tufts MSEM program was how much I learned about myself. The TGI MSEM program emphasized self-awareness and self-understanding as the foundation to develop and refine management skills and your own leadership style. My favorite part of the Tufts MSEM experience was to broaden my interests and seek answers to perplexing questions well beyond my comfort zone of technical journals and product manuals.

Was there a professor or module that impacted you and why?
Tufts selects professors that are very active in business and industry beyond the confines of academia. The professors were able to use compelling first hand examples of successes and failures to provide clarity and reality to the course content. Lecturer Jim Nash was very impactful for me. I work in teams at EMC to apply quantitative approach to quality management techniques for software engineering. This is a direct application of Tufts acquired skills into EMC software engineering.