Alumni Profiles


Favorite movie:
Iron Man

Favorite place you’ve visited:
Grand Canyon

Best engineering project you’ve worked on:
Microwave Seeker System for a Surface-to-Air Missile

Name Junbeom Kwon MSEM ’12
Position Senior Research Engineer, LIG Nex1 Co, Ltd., Republic of Korea
Education B.S., Electrical Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 1997; M.S., Electrical Engineering, Postech University, Pohang, Korea, 1999

On what it’s like attending graduate school nearly 7,000 miles from home…
“I was excited to experience life in a new world. There were challenges, because English is not my first language, but I overcame them with patience and determination. My ability to adapt to a new, unfamiliar environment with a different language and culture proved to be my greatest competency after attending the program. I gained tremendous confidence in myself and am now fearless about tackling challenges at work.”

Location, location, location…
“My wife and son accompanied me to Massachusetts. In fact, my second son was born in Boston. We spent considerable time exploring the city and took weekend trips to various places around the Northeast. Our time in the States will be happy memories for a long time to come.”

Three words…
“Open, cooperative and passionate—that’s how I would describe the culture in the MSEM program. My professors and classmates were open to others’ opinions and feedback. They were willing to listen and even appreciated advice and comments from others. The curriculum encouraged cooperative learning through team cohorts; I now know how to cooperate with others in more effective and efficient ways that lead to results. And, I was completely impressed by my classmates’ passion for learning. Despite working full-time jobs and balancing busy personal lives, they were committed to their studies and came to class prepared.”

From engineering to management…
“In the beginning of my career, I focused only on developing my engineering skills and technical knowledge. It soon became apparent that not only good engineering techniques, but also good management skills are needed to lead effectively. The MSEM program was the best fit for me because it provided the managerial knowledge I needed to become a great engineering leader. Many of my engineering colleagues are not familiar with accounting, marketing, and project management. My learning experience in those areas made me more marketable. After I finished the program, I was given the chance to manage a development project and my salary increased nearly 15 percent.”