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Name Kristen Hurley, MSEM ’14
Position Systems Engineer, Raytheon
Education before Tufts B.S. Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University
Work experience before Tufts Electromagnetic Compliance Engineer, IBM

Since you’ve graduated how have you been able to apply what you learned in the MSEM program to your career?
The application of the MSEM program has transformed the way I manage my career. I take a more strategic approach in planning and executing my career goals. I have expanded my roles and responsibilities within my organization by utilizing the communication techniques that I have learned in the Learning to Lead and Conflict Resolution modules, thus increasing my visibility within the organization. Most importantly, the MSEM program taught me the how to communicate effectively in order to be seen as a valuable contributor by my peers and management team. I thought the childhood lesson, treat others as you would like to be treated, was an effective way to work with co-workers; however, a new approach that I put into practice, treat others as they would like to be treated, has proven to be invaluable in helping me to accomplish my goals.

What’s next? What are your long term career goals and how has the MSEM degree impacted your professional trajectory?
My long term goal is to keep finding new opportunities to develop my leadership skills and strengthen my technical foundation. Before joining the MSEM program, I viewed my career path as a journey of increasing responsibility, leading to a program management position within my current industry. My outlook of the future is very different today. The skills I have acquired in the MSEM program have enhanced my confidence level, enabling my ability to lead and manage. I now desire a more diverse career path that fits my personal style rather than the conventional career path of a Systems Engineer. I used to try to fit myself into to the company, today I look for opportunities that fit me.