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Yellowstone National Park

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Name Tony Wieczorek MSEM ’13
Position Senior Engineering Manager, Localytics
Education before Tufts B.S. Technical, Scientific & Professional Communications, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Work experience before Tufts VP of Engineering, Firecracker
Principal Software Engineer, Zipcar

Choosing Tufts M.S. in Engineering Management
The Tufts MSEM program fit perfectly into my life. I could not quit my job to go back to school full-time, and the flexible weekend cohort offered me exactly what I wanted. I was attracted by the program’s focus on leadership, innovation, and engineering rigor. I knew that the curriculum would build on the strengths of my engineering background.

Interacting with top-quality professors
My favorite part was definitely interacting with the engaging and inspiring professors. When I started, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and they encouraged me in just the right ways to explore important topics like innovation, strategy and quality. I had always been a quietly confident person, but Tufts gave me the vocabulary and real-world skills I needed to become a leader.

On pursuing entrepreneurial interests
I’ve always loved working in small companies. When I joined Zipcar in 2008, I was hired as the 5th engineer in a department that would later grow to over 30 people. The company was nearing 300 people worldwide when Avis bought Zipcar in 2013, and a few months later I earned my MSEM degree. Armed with new skills and a heightened entrepreneurial spirit, I moved on to land the position as VP of Engineering at Firecracker and now I’m a senior engineering manager at Localytics, a mobile analytics startup.

Joining a startup can be a scary proposition – there’s the fear of being unemployed, the fear of not being able to pay your mortgage. But engineers armed with business knowledge have every reason to be confident in our valuable and unique skills and expertise. I can talk to the CEO about finances. I can run queries against a dataset to pull out meaningful statistics. I can speak to teams and inspire individuals.

Empowering others
Before enrolling in the MSEM program I was a good engineer, and I was used to doing good work on my own.  But the program helped me make that next transition in my career where I am capable of empowering others. I care about enabling and leading a whole team of engineers to do good work.