Project Examples: Boston Engineering


Team PracticumBoston Engineering Corporation, Commercialization of Underwater Vehicle

Project Client:
Boston Engineering, engineering firm specializing in electro-mechanical, embedded and robotic system design

Project Assignment:
Develop a business plan for the commercialization of the company’s autonomous underwater vehicle, the BIOSwimmer.

Team members, MSEM Class of 2014
Ashley King, Research Assistant, MIT Dept. Chemical Engineering
Monica Pheifer, Quality Engineer II, Codman
Andrew Pomeroy, Manufacturing Engineer, Instrumentation Laboratory
Shwetha Bhadravathi Mallikarjuna, Engineering Intern, XL Hybrids

Andrew Pomeroy, MSEM ’14
“We were tasked with finding new applications for the company’s robotic fish, the BIOSwimmer. I was personally intrigued by the project because of the unique product – its fish-like design makes it highly maneuverable. Through market research and studies, we identified areas for Boston Engineering to further invest that would make the product even more desirable to various markets.

Our team gelled right from the beginning. Even with individuals from different cohorts, we were able to set schedules and were clear on expectations. Each of us brought different strengths that played a part in the overall success of the project. You’re delivering a sizeable project on a tight deadline and need to be comfortable with delegating tasks and trusting your teammates.

The Team Practicum definitely solidifies all of the classroom learning. Topics covered in previous semesters – financial models, influencing without authority – are put to practice. Working in manufacturing for medical devices, this was a chance to step out of my industry and gain an insider’s perspective into another.“

Bob Treiber, President, Boston Engineering, and Team Practicum sponsor:
“This was a difficult project because by the very nature of business planning for a new technology the path is not well-defined. The Tufts Gordon Institute MSEM team took the first step in formalizing a true business plan for the commercialization of our robotic technology. They raised some new concerns, formulated some news ideas, and verified many of our assumptions.

The act of having bright people think, plan and dedicate themselves to a course of action is invaluable. Their work will serve as the foundation for the next steps in the commercialization of what we believe to be an exciting, revolutionary technology.”