Project Examples – Shire Human Genetic Therapies


Team PracticumShire, Technical Operations Long-Range Strategy/Governance

Project Client:
Shire Human Genetic Therapies, a global specialty pharmaceuticals company

Project Assignment:
Create a process for developing and executing a long-range strategy for Shire’s Technical Operations organization

Team members, MSEM Class of 2013
Heather Boepple, Project Manager, Global Project and Portfolio Management, Allergan Sales, LLC
John Ellersick, Senior Project Manager, Specialty Chemicals & Operations, Myriant Corporation
Timothy Malcolm, Program Manager, New Products, Enterasys Networks
Tejal Mehta, QA Manager, Lubrizol Corporation

Heather Boepple, MSEM ’13
“I currently work as a project manager for a medical device organization. I was excited to work on the Shire Practicum because it provided me with the opportunity to build my expertise in portfolio management and longer range strategic planning – areas that are perfectly aligned with my career goals.

Our team created a process for Shire’s Technical Operations organization to maximize its operational effectiveness and its ability to deliver on its strategic roadmap and vision. We piloted the process with a subgroup and proposed an implementation plan.

My teammates and I worked exceptionally well together. Everyone was engaged and committed to the project. We learned how to think and plan strategically; how to navigate competing priorities; how vision and strategic directives can shape the future of an organization; and how to keep the process simple. We determined that in order for our team to be effective, a supportive environment was essential, collaboration was key, and enthusiasm, passion and energy were critical.

Our corporate sponsor was engaged, invested and interested in our work and what our team proposed.”

Sanjeev Wadhwani, MSEM ’06, director, Technical Operations Franchise Lead, Shire, and Team Practicum sponsor:
“Shire’s Technical Operations organization had a need to strengthen its long-range strategic planning process to scale with the growing needs of the larger organization. This project provided a better-defined roadmap to understand the current business, and it mapped out key strategies toward a 2020-and-beyond vision. It was critical that this organization was able to communicate its strategy in a consistent and visible manner that allowed other functions to plan strategically for the future. A strong foundation with key linkages to other stakeholders and business planning processes was essential to delivering a shared vision.

The team was well prepared for meetings and workshops with our internal leadership and extended stakeholders. The presentations and deliverables were of high quality; conclusions were crisp and tangible in communicating the revised process and impact to our senior leadership team. The team members brought energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and objectiveness to the table from the first kickoff meeting, and they worked with our senior leadership team and global stakeholders to kick start the new long-range strategy project.

The team members leveraged their leadership and project management skills to effectively drive our internal stakeholders toward the agreed-upon deliverables and timeframe. While we needed to adjust the scope of work mid-course due to company resource constraints, the team was able to react quickly and deliver a solid platform that is now being scaled within the organization.”