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Team PracticumIntegrated Project Management (IPM), Knowledge Management Excellence

Project Client:
Integrated Project Management Company Inc. (IPM), a professional services consulting firm that provides project management to various businesses and industries.

Project Assignment:
Provide research and insight into the knowledge management methods, models and approaches used by professional services organizations and recommendations to optimize knowledge management processes and learning at IPM.

Team members, MSEM Class of 2014
Kevin Carter, Engineer, Weston & Sampson
Heewong Choi, Senior User Experience Designer, Bose Corporation
Stephen Crimlisk, Manufacturing Specialist, Genzyme
Susan Macdonald, Practice Administrator, Tufts University Dental School
Yijie Sun, international student (previously Global Sourcing Manager, Gilbarco)

Stephen Crimlisk, MSEM ’15

“Our summer practicum project centered on developing recommendations based on our research of the key factors in developing a successful knowledge management system within IPM, a growing project management consulting company. Our early expectations for the project revolved around improving computerized systems and finding the right software for our sponsor but our research led us down an unforeseen path where we discovered the importance of company culture to the success of knowledge management.

While we prepared our recommendations about creating a unified company vision and culture, we learned first-hand about how difficult it can be to unify a team of people that is spread out across the world. Every team meeting included at least one member calling in on the phone, sometimes from as far away as Korea, and the challenge of keeping the team’s knowledge base and direction unified was tangible. If the struggle exists in aligning a group of five, achieving the same alignment in a company of a few hundred people is no easy task. We made key recommendations including changing the company vision, empowering employees, and inspiring a new culture. I plan on keeping in touch with our sponsors to see the impact of our project on their efforts.

Working in manufacturing, I rarely get a chance to work on projects that deal with qualitative goals. This project was a welcome change from my day-to-day work and has taught me not only about knowledge management but also about what it takes to lead a team through a project with flexible goals and limited time. The summer practicum is a highlight of the Tufts Gordon Institute experience, as you get to take all of the leadership skills learned in the classroom and apply them in a real project with a chance to make a difference in a real company.”