Leadership Project

Project-based experiential learning that’s directly relevant to your career

The Individual Leadership Project, which represents 30 percent of the MSEM degree, is the culmination of the two-year program. In lieu of a Master’s degree thesis, students complete a large-scale project for their current employer or a client organization. The project complements the classroom learning by providing students the opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired leadership, strategic management and communication skills.

The project requires students to lead and manage a complex, technical project from its conception to the final deliverable in a real work environment. Under faculty guidance, students identify an appropriate project and present their final results to the organization at the project completion. Faculty will work to identify alternative projects for those students who aren’t working full-time.

Project Objectives

  • Leading and managing a project from start to finish in a real world environment.
  • Demonstrating communication skills to coordinate complex technical activities.
  • Packaging and presenting compelling materials that explain the concepts, track progress and discuss the outcome of the work.

Project Length

The project duration is between 6-12 months. To allow time to find the right project, most students begin to investigate project options during their 2nd semester and officially kick-off their project at the start of the 3rd semester.