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Favorite book:
The Unlikely Disciple by Kevin Roose

Favorite movie:
Half Nelson

Favorite place you’ve visited:

Name Andre Loli, MSEM ’15
Position Process Engineer, Genzyme, a Sanofi Company
Education before Tufts B.S. Chemical Engineering, Tufts University
Work experience before Tufts Pfizer, Inc., Process Engineer

Where were you in your career and what drove your decision to go back to school?
Prior to applying to the Tufts Gordon Institute, I had just finished my third year of my career. I had spent all three years as a process engineer in the biotechnology industry supporting manufacturing. During my first two years of my career, I worked for an amazing manager at Pfizer. My manager helped develop my skills and placed me as a lead on many projects. After working with him, I realized that I loved to work with others and I had a desire to manage and develop people. However, having only been working for such a short time, I realized that I needed to further my education in order to gain the skills required to lead people and to progress my career as quickly as possible.

Why did you choose to pursue a M.S. in Engineering Management at Tufts?
Tufts’ MSEM was introduced to me while I was an undergraduate at Tufts. However, after working in the biotechnology industry for a few years, I met many coworkers who had gone through the program previously. All of them exclaimed how valuable the program was to their careers and lives in general. One of the most attractive aspects of the MSEM at Tufts was the design of the program. The class schedule and the organization of the curriculum were clearly built to maximize the education and experience for working individuals. Included in the program were the books required for classes and dinner for evening students prior to class. While I did consider looking into MBA and other MSEM programs, none came close to being as accommodating for working persons while being so highly regarded.

What is your favorite part of the Tufts MSEM experience so far?
My favorite aspect has been the semester group projects. The group projects are structured to simultaneously build around the skills attained in each class/module as the semester progresses. The leadership classes were a core component of helping guide groups to learn how to work with one another and reflect on inefficiencies and miscommunications. As the semester progresses, the group work helped me put the lessons from all the modules into practice. Working on these assignments in groups helped us learn from each other, build friendships, and really improve our skills acquired from the modules.