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Name Jael Jose, MSEM ’15
Position Client Service Engineer, Doble Engineering
Education before Tufts B.S. Electrical Engineering, Tufts University
Work experience before Tufts Doble Engineering, Product Support Engineer

Where were you in your career and what drove your decision to go back to school?
When I graduated college, I felt that I had gone to school all my life and had no intention of returning. But early in my career, after two positions, I realized in order to further my career and reach my personal goals, getting a masters degree was the best option. I observed that I had developed some leadership skills and wanted to further enhance them. I knew it would take much longer to for me to exercise these abilities at a higher level without any formal education and going back to school was my best approach.

Why did you choose to pursue a M.S. in Engineering Management at Tufts?
In addition to having completed my undergraduate degree at Tufts and knowing first-hand the quality of education at Tufts, the Gordon Institute did a wonderful job introducing the program, and also having potential candidates get the feel of the atmosphere by sitting in on an actual class. After attending the info session, I was convinced that it would be a great fit for me, and I could picture myself being in one of those classes. I travel for work, so having a weekend program, increases my chances of attending all the classes and it allows me to dedicate all my energy to the program instead of having to switch modes after a long day of desk work. It is also very affordable compared to an MBA program, and it’s designed to offer the same level of education to students with technical background like myself.

How do you balance the demands of work/family/school?
It is all about prioritizing. The secret is to start working on the assignments and do the readings early, so that when they take more time, you have somewhat of a buffer. It is a sacrifice, so a lot of social event take a backseat until the end of the semester. This program forces you to be organized. We have to plan meetings and assignments are due at a set time so I have to plans accordingly, therefore I add family time into that plan and respect the amount of time that I’ve allocated for that. It’s tough but it is part of the sacrifice.