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Favorite book:

Favorite movie:
The Royal Tenenbaums

Company you admire:
Case Inc.

Name Walter Zesk, MSEM ’16
Position Founding Partner, Conform Lab
Education before Tufts RISD; Wesleyan University
Work experience before Tufts Conform Lab

Where were you in your career and what drove your decision to go back to school?
I have been working for myself since graduating from RISD. My background is in design, but my work is more focused on engineering and entrepreneurship. My intention with returning to school is to develop the skills to do my job better and grow my business.

Why did you choose to pursue a M.S. in Engineering Management at Tufts?
I chose Tufts based on a combination of factors. I was interested in MBA programs and I was interested in engineering programs but I knew I could not pursue both. The MSEM seemed to be a bit of a compromise. The program schedule and cost were also more manageable that any of the other programs I considered.

What is your favorite part of the Tufts MSEM experience so far?
I have been impressed with the effort that is made to maximize our time at Tufts and to accommodate life. I feel like my time in class is consistently valuable and I am able to complete the work outside in reasonable amounts of time enabling me to keep up despite the insanity of my schedule.