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Jeremy Rosenblatt, MSEM '17

Senior Consultant
Navigant Consulting, Inc.

Undergraduate University: Tufts University
Degree and Major: B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering

Where were you in your career and what drove your decision to go back to school?

“Six months into my first full time job, I knew I wanted to accelerate. After completing the Engineering Management Minor (EMM) at Tufts, I was intimately familiar with the impact and applicability of the MSEM curriculum. In fact, three weeks into the second semester, I was promoted.”

How do you balance the demands of work/family/school?

“In a word: prioritization. This program teaches you to be your most efficient self. I’ve learned to ignore all distractions, invest time where it is critical, and increase the outputs of my efforts. Reading ahead also helps.”

Favorite blog:
Matt Levine’s “Monday Stuff”
Favorite Book:
The Hero with a Thousand Faces
Best engineering/technical project or product you’ve worked on:
Energy efficiency standards for residential appliances.