Value of Tufts MSEM

An innovative professional degree, a world-renowned university.

Adding value to your career, your company, your industry, the world.

Tufts Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) is a world-class credential, and an educational experience and environment tailored to busy, working professionals. Tufts University consistently ranks as one of the nation’s top 30 universities. Tufts’ Gordon Institute is a close-knit, dynamic community whose mission is to promote an innovation mindset and pragmatic leadership for the 21st century – a mission that is closely tied to the University’s larger mission of preparing students to make a difference in the world.

Tufts’ MSEM positions you for faster career advancement and more meaningful assignments, whether you remain with your current organization or change jobs or industries. MSEM students put what they’re learning to work immediately, and data drawn from exit surveys of graduates 2009–2012 and a survey of alumni from 2005–2010 show that the experience of pursuing the Tufts Master of Science in Engineering Management has a direct and immediate impact on their careers.

  • Nearly 80% of graduates reported their employers experience tangible results within 6 months of entering the program; 100% report direct benefits to their employers within 12 months
  • 45% were promoted or advanced while still enrolled in the program; 83% within 3 years of graduating
  • 88% rate the value of professional networking in the program significant to exceptional
  • 73% felt extremely well positioned for career change

Career advancement is supported by the skills and knowledge fostered by the MSEM program. Our students learn:

  • To work across multiple function areas—R&D, finance, IT, manufacturing
  • To effectively communicate, inspire, negotiate, and resolve conflict
  • To interpret and leverage data—including financial feasibility—as the basis for complex decisions
  • To drive innovation and successfully commercialize new technologies
  • To create and lead new product development initiatives
  • To develop and manage strategies for technology companies in a global context
  • To manage projects, processes and operations

Tufts’ MSEM is distinguished from other similar degrees by:

Our focus on leadershipWe strive to develop each student’s leadership potential through a proven individual leadership development process. Students are exposed to topics such as interpersonal relations, innovation in an organization and communication across cultures.

Our technically focused business curriculumStudents gain the confidence to analyze and understand the statistical data that drive high-level strategic decisions. Coursework emphasizes product innovation and development, supply chain management, and technology and global business strategies. Case studies and projects relate directly to technology-based organizations.

Faculty with real-world engineering leadership experience – All of our faculty are professors of the practice who excel in industry. They start their own companies. They know what it takes to succeed in the business world.

Experiential LearningOur program is highly interactive. Classes involve role-playing, team exercises and videotaping. Class-based and independent real-world projects challenge you to apply what you have learned in the classroom.

Classmates who are technical professionalsMSEM students bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from diverse industries to the classroom. This shared technical background creates a unique and rich learning environment.