Get hands on. By getting your MSIM.

Your curriculum: Innovation Sprints, courses & seminars.

Definition: Innovation Sprints – noun in·no·va·tion \ˌi-nə-ˈvā-shən\ˈsprints\

Fast-paced and intensive team projects that are the core of your MSIM experience. The real magic happens outside the classroom: Engaging with customers and testing solutions to real-world problems. With each Innovation Sprint, you’ll dive deeper into the innovation cycle. Evolve your skills. And develop more sophisticated solutions.

  • Apply what you learn in seminars, under active mentorship.
  • Collaborate with peers to overcome increasingly complex challenges.
  • Gain invaluable experience and demonstrable skills.

Lecture halls are so 101.You don’t need a lecture on the basics. That’s why our MSIM program supplements big projects with small, interactive courses. It’s the active, in-depth, and passionate environment you want.

Exclusive MSIM seminars.

Network with industry professionals. Plan your career and build your personal brand. Continue to develop your personal values. During our “Innovator’s Mindset Series” you’ll even explore your creative side with workshops featuring faculty and professionals from the arts, drama and music.

Fall semester: Innovation Sprint One

Get ready to run with your ideas.

For your first Innovation Sprint, you’ll work with faculty to identify a meaningful new product or service idea. Maybe something you’re passionate about. Or a new curiosity sparked by Tufts faculty research (did someone say driverless cars?). Whatever problem you tackle, you’ll get world-class mentorship and guidance from your professors.

Your starting point is a real-world challenge. Where will it take you?

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Spring semester: Innovation Sprint Two

The innovation cycle continues (but even cooler this time).

Your second sprint builds on what you’ve learned so far. Whether you continue your venture from Sprint One or take on a fresh challenge, you’ll dive deeper into the innovation process. Passion, creativity, and teamwork required. High fives optional, though recommended.

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Summer semester: Innovation Sprint Three

Your deepest innovation experience yet.

Innovation happens in a variety of environments, thanks to problem solvers in a variety of roles. This Innovation Sprint gives you a choice of hands-on experiences to help prepare you for a long career. Intensive team projects. Engaging seminars. Countless coffee refills. It’s all led up to this moment.

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Optional 3rd Semester

After Innovation Sprint Three, you have the option to take up to four additional classes at Tufts – at a fraction of the cost. Expand on what you learned in undergrad. Explore a new interest you discovered during your MSIM experience. Or do both, because sometimes it’s good to be greedy.