Meet Class of 2017 M.S. in Innovation & Management students

We are excited to welcome our inaugural class of M.S. in Innovation & Management students! The 14 M.S. in Innovation and Management (MSIM) students were selected for both their strong academic background and more importantly for their curiosity and passion for science, math, technology and making an impact in the world. The program attracted a global class – with the class evenly split between students from the United States and from abroad.

Read more about their backgrounds and career aspirations.


Maren BrenninkmeijerTufts GI_090916_1197 copy

Delft, Netherlands

Background: B.S. Architecture
Undergraduate: Delft University of Technology, 2016

Plans: Work as a consultant or within a product development team.

“What really interests me is the relation between technology and society and I hope to be working in that area. Whether that will be more towards the policy side, as a consultant or within a product development team I don’t know yet, but I have time to figure that out and this year will bring me a step closer.”




Tufts GI_090916_1235

Ashwini Chidirala

Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

Background: B.S. Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate: Rutgers University, 2016

Plans: Become a surgeon and develop surgical tools that better meet surgeon needs.

“My MSIM will help me establish my career. I’ll need to be able to talk the business side of things, and rally people around why and how my tools are useful for surgery.”




Tufts GI_090916_1401

Yongtao Ding

Wuahn, China

Background: B.E. in Software Engineering
Undergraduate: Wuhan University, 2106

Plans: I plan to be a product manager in an information technology company, and then I’d like to think about setting up my own company.








Tufts GI_090916_1103

 Sarah Drury

Toronto, Canada

Background: B.S., Neuroscience
Undergraduate: McGill University, 2016

Plans: Create wearable tech that combats anxiety or improves moods

“I’m getting my MSIM because I don’t want to work on the same question years at a time. I want a dynamic career that contributes to the boom in neuroscience products.”





Tufts GI_090916_0997

Sanjay Gowda

Bangalore, India

Background: B.S. Electronics, 2016
Undergraduate: BMS College of Engineering

Plans: Consult back home in India’s growing startup market

“I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and a leader. That means understanding things for yourself. So I want to learn the business side too, not just the technical side.”





Tufts GI_090916_1353

Edith (Yihan) Hu

Shanghai, China

Background: Bachelor of Business Administration
Undergraduate: East China Normal University, 2016

Plans: I want to help Chinese start-ups become more powerful.








Tufts GI_090916_1307

Benny Kim

Santa Ana, California

Background: B.S., Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

Plans: Use my technical background and business skills to help green tech startups and companies build a world where nature and technology exist harmoniously

“We’re 100-200 years away from 100% renewable energy being possible. Now’s the time to figure out how to get there, and the MSIM program will help me do my part.”



Tufts GI_090916_1255Hirosei Kuruma

Tokyo, Japan

Background: B.S., Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

Plans: My career aspiration is to become a creative/innovation consultant in an engineering field.








Tufts GI_090916_1318Barton Liang

Hong Kong, China

Background: B.S., Civil Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

Plans: I plan to get my Professional Engineer credential in construction before working at the intersection of technology, society, and the build environment to develop sustainable cities for the future.







Tufts GI_090916_1209

Trish O’Connor

Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Background: B.S., Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

Plans: Work on a product development team for consumer electronics.







Tufts GI_090916_1371Rebecca O’Connor

Neponsit, New York

Background: B.E., Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate: Stevens Institute Technology, 2016

Plans: I want to participate in product development and developing innovative solutions in the biomedical industry.








Tufts GI_090916_1129Gulin Olcer

Istanbul, Turkey

Background: B.A., Psychology
Undergraduate: Koc University, 2012

Plans: Build consumer products that will inspire and motivate people to achieve their goals. In the future, I’d like to start my own company focusing on consumer technology.







Tufts GI_090916_1149Chris Shultz

Bend, Oregon

Background: B.S., Engineering Psychology & Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

Plans: I aspire to change the world by blending fashion and technology to bring to light our impact on the earth we live in.








Tufts GI_090916_1061Paget Stanco

Rye, New York

Background: B.A., Art History
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

Plans: I am interested in technology as applied to high impact sectors such as biotech and cloud computing or software as a service.