Program Overview

One year. Six core innovation skillsets.

What we do

We develop innovation experiences. The focus is on immersive projects throughout the year-long MSIM program. You take what you learn in small, interactive courses and apply it to solve real world problems. All under expert guidance, where it’s safe to learn from mistakes.

How it’s possible

Our faculty bring deep industry experience to the MSIM program, and continue to run businesses, serve on boards, and do consulting work. 100% of our faculty have decades of industry experience so you can benefit from each professor’s real-world learnings: Product development. Marketing and sales. Financial modeling. Leadership and people skills. It’s all the context and expertise you need, right from the source.

Plus, while our faculty is industry-based, they’re no strangers to the classroom, either. Our professors draw on years of experience teaching courses in entrepreneurship, management, and leadership.

The MSIM program develops the unique abilities every successful innovator needs:

Discover &  solve

Skillset 1: Discover your customers’ unmet needs
  • Identify the target customer
  • Build deep insight into your customers
  • Uncover the problems you will solve
Skillset 2: Create solutions customers will demand
  • Think bigger with new, not incremental, solutions
  • Systematically generate diverse options
  • Create products customers care about

Bring to market

Skillset 3: Design a sustainable business model
  • Build a customer-centric business model
  • Design new ways to deliver value
  • Develop an attractive, sustainable financial plan
Skillset 4: Create and deliver your idea
  • Build and deliver your product or service
  • Craft your market positioning and strategy
  • Determine sales and customer support strategy

Communicate & lead

Skillset 5: Communicate and persuade
  • Communicate concisely, both verbally and in writing
  • Develop your own authentic, signature voice
  • Persuade customers, employees, and investors
Skillset 6: Lead and influence others
  • Inspire top talent to join your team
  • Unite diverse teams across functions
  • Effectively negotiate and resolve conflicts