PE Courses

Courses that are rigorous and highly relevant

The Tufts Gordon Institute Professional Education Program will prepare you for demanding management roles in the technology realm—and for further work in our Master of Science in Engineering Management Program. Unlike most management education courses, we designed ours in collaboration with education, management, and industry experts to equip engineers, technologists, and scientists for the volatile global marketplace.

But Professional Education courses are never set in stone. At Tufts, we continually advance our programs in anticipation of the fast-changing needs of the technology community. Our strong connections to industry—and to industry experts—mean that we are always a few steps ahead of the conventional wisdom, so that you will be too.

We will be adding to our roster of courses in the months to come, so watch these pages for additions to our Professional Education Program.

Courses are either worth one Tufts University credit, which is the equivalent to 4 credits at other universities and last 13 weeks or are 1/2 credit and for 6 weeks. Courses are typically offered one evening per week from 6-9 p.m. Students are permitted to transfer a maximum of two credits from the Professional Education courses towards the required modules for the M.S. in Engineering Management graduate program.

EM 211 – Lean Six Sigma

Next offered: September 2017

EM 231 – Project Management Strategies & Methodologies

Next offered: September 2017

EM 262 – Negotiation & Conflict Resolution for Engineers & Technologists

Next offered: September 2017

EM 261 – Leadership for Technical Professionals

Next offered: Spring 2018

EM 252 – Business Communications

Next offered: September 2017