Why Professional Education?

What sets Tufts Gordon Institute Professional Education courses apart?

Each of these rigorous, graduate-level courses has been developed in collaboration with education, management, and industry experts to fill the strategic needs of managers in technology settings. At Tufts, we have spent 25 years focused on the education of engineering and technology leaders, and our reputation for impact on careers and organizations is renowned across the technology realm.

Who will benefit from Professional Education (PE) courses?

We listened, we researched, and we consulted with alumni and industry experts to design a program that aligns with your personal and professional requirements.

PE courses are a smart professional fit if

  • You want to prepare for or qualify for positions that require a greater level of management expertise.
  • You are a busy professional in the technology industry with immediate need for specific job-related knowledge and skills.
  • You are looking for graduate courses strategically designed for professionals in technology settings and prefer to study with peers and faculty who share that perspective.
  • You understand the power of the Tufts alumni network and you want to be able to tap that network when challenges arise.

PE courses are a good personal fit if

  • You are looking for a flexible professional program that takes into account the demands of your life.
  • You would like to ease into graduate studies with one or two courses before committing to a master’s program.
  • You prefer a student-centered program with a high level of service, a program in which admission is streamlined and a dedicated point person is ready to respond to your questions.
  • You want an economical executive education solution that will allow you to maximize tuition reimbursement benefits.
  • You don’t have time to waste and want to start your graduate studies before the next MSEM program kicks off in the fall.