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1st Prize – UCHU

UCHU Biosensors designs wireless intra-oral sensors that allow users to take control of their health. We enable users to track key metrics within their oral environment like acidity, allergens, toxins, and nutritional macromolecules. We are currently designing our first product, a pH sensor, with the goal of improving diagnostics and preventative dental care.

Team Members: Daniel Weinstein E18, Noah Hill E20, Saam Bozorg D19  

2nd Prize - VASERA Male Contraceptives

There is currently no reversible, long-acting, reliable birth control available for men. VASERA seeks to fill this hole in the market by providing men with a temporary, long-lasting, non-hormonal contraceptive option. Our technology is a silk-based hydrogel that is injected into a male’s vas deferens in a quick, non-invasive, outpatient procedure. The gel blocks sperm flow in the vas deferens, temporarily mimicking the effects of a vasectomy and providing the user with effective contraception for one year. VASERA offers an alternative to hormonal birth control, condoms, and vasectomies for couples in committed relationships.

Team Members: Sophia Atik E18,Kelsey-Claire Gallagher E18, Caitlyn Leo E18, Elizabeth Bender E18

3rd Prize - Kalimba

The mobile application called Kalimba will connect primary school students, who have no means to pay for their school fees, to donors in Rwanda or outside that are willing to donate any amount for the students’ education. The Rwandan Net Enrolment Rate in primary education in 2015 was 96.9%, but the Completion Rate was 60.4% (UNICEF, Rwanda). Therefore, with Kalimba App, at least 70% of students enroll in primary school and get the chance to continue their education in secondary schools by the year 2022.

Team Members: Maureen Kalimba Isimbi A20 (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences).