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2016 Ideas Competition winners:  

Hermes Seun E’19; Eddie Futterman A’19; Jonathan Lee A’19; Zach Zager A’17; Lilly Berry A’19; Conor Ward A’17, BFA’17; Zach Goldman A’18; Nate Silberman A’19; Tommaso Lombardi A’19; Sam Lenney A’19; Richard Ding E’19
A fundamental change in the way that children connect to energy. We create interactive playground toys that are used to create electrical energy to power the playground itself as well as educate children about how energy can relate to them.

3D Dentures
Jessica Dempsey A’ Post-Bacc
Use 3D tissue and bone printing techniques to print low-cost dentures for the 178 mil people who require full/partials in the US, 9/10 of whom are on paltry SS avg of $1K a month vs $18K for full set. Our set is $400 thru give 1 get 1 model.

Pets VR
Henry Zhou E’17; Jeremy Slavitz E’17; Walton Lee E’17; Alice Lee E’17; Tafari Duncan E’17; Alex Nguyen E’17
We are building a virtual companionship experience, a friend that’s intractable through virtual reality.

Javier Garcia EM’17; John O’Sullivan; Billy Kelleher
Qipo solves the “many groups with many apps” problem with a shared messenger, calendar, and to-do list which brings all your groups into one interface. We sync with the tools they’re already using, making inter-group collaboration painless.

Adelante Shoes Co 
Peter Sacco F’17
Adelante Shoe Co. is a new social enterprise dedicated to making it absolutely effortless for you to choose a socially responsible pair of shoes without compromising on quality, style, or affordability.

Honorable Mention:

Daniel Weinstein E’18; Camila Menard E’18; Noah Hill A’20; Saam Bozorg D’21
UCHU is a biosensor attached to a tooth that passively measures nutrition intake, including calories, carbs, protein and fat. Users can set goals and use real time nutritional data viewed in an app to adjust their diets to meet those goals.