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1st Prize - Nutracheck Equine

With the wide variety of different feeds and supplements available on the market for horses, it is difficult for horse owners, barn managers, and even veterinarians to make decisions that result in  nutritionally sound plans specifically designed for their horse. Nutracheck Equine is an easy to use smartphone application that takes into account a horse’s stage of life, breed, sex, activity level, and special requirements (disease states) to create the optimal feed regimen. User input includes pasture type, pasture quality, time on pasture, and current supplements; in order to receive sound recommendations regarding different grains and supplements to ensure their horse is receiving the best possible nutrition.
Team Members: Lauren Ungar V19, Mary Davis, V19

2nd Prize - Diddit

The Diddit app provides a user-friendly and interactive platform to manage task priority, designation, and completion. Stressing an easy to use and fast user interface and experience, a cornerstone to Diddit's mission is ensuring that task creation and assignment can be done and sent to the recipient in seconds. Another cornerstone is accountability of the task. Diddit covers accountability by ensuring that the recipient confirms reading the task by adding the step of reading all new tasks from one's inbox, and moving each task to the user's to-do-list. This confirmation is then sent back to the original sender of the task, letting everyone know that the task has been successfully received and read. This transparent two-way communication is implemented in every step of the way until after the task is complete. Concerning the user's unfinished tasks, the main to-do-list organizes all tasks in a countdown and colored coded fashion with automatic reminders a key times before the task is due. Methodically thought out and tested with beta participants, Diddit features are made to best suit the users' fast paced lifestyle.
Team Members: Tyler Leong A 18

3rd Prize - ZwitterCo

ZwitterCo’s nanofiltration membranes improve produced water recycling in the oil and gas industry. Produced water recycling for surface discharge or beneficial reuse necessitates purification using a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. RO systems, however, will foul and degrade from dissolved organic molecules in wastewater; insufficient organics removal can prohibit RO entirely. ZwitterCo’s flagship membranes show unprecedented separation of soluble organics from wastewater without fouling and can undercut the price of status quo technologies. By providing affordable organics pre-treatment for RO systems, we enable Oil and Gas companies to recycle produced water, simplifying their fluid management logistics and improving their environmental footprint.
Team Members: Alex Rappaport E17 E18, Aditi Deorukhakar E18, Chen Chen E18, Harshit Agrawal E17