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The Impact of Entrepreneurship at Tufts

The Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts is dedicated to providing students with real-life experience from our professors, coaches, and alumni.

15 Years of Entrepreneurship at Tufts - Impact Report Cover Image

In celebration of 15 years of the $100k New Ventures Competition at Tufts University recently, we discovered, validated, and released the results of an in-depth research project all about our alumni who have engaged in the entrepreneurial community on campus.

Throughout this research endeavor, we focused specifically on the Tufts alumni who competed as finalists in the $100k New Ventures Competitions since its inception. The $100k New Ventures Competition began in 2004, originally branded as the Business Plan Competition and the Social Entrepreneurship Competition.

The research for this report originates from three sources: internal research and resources from the Office of Institutional Research (OIRE) and the Derby Entrepreneurship Center archives; a quantitative survey sent to all $100k Ventures Competition alumni from 2004 to 2018 available in our database; and qualitative interviews with 22 Tufts alumni who created businesses.

To expand on the quantitative data gathered from the surveys, we interviewed 22 Tufts entrepreneurs to understand how Tufts University contributed to their entrepreneurial journey. The Tufts entrepreneurs highlighted four key aspects with regards to their engagement in the entrepreneurial community at Tufts: empowerment, network, team-building, and resources.

Charts outlining the growth of the Entrepreneurship Center. To view specifics, email