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The winners of the Spring 2014 $100k New Ventures Competition - Classic Track are:

First Place: Benevolent Technologies for Health – BeTH

Benevolent Technologies for Health – BeTH
Presented by Tufts School of Engineering Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management alumnus Jeremy Jo along with Ramin Abrishamian, Jason Hill and Liza Tsai.

Benevolent Technologies for Health (BeTH) is focused on creating low cost, high impact healthcare solutions by introducing the world's first adjustable prosthetic liner aimed to increase amputee comfort, while reducing fabrication time and overall costs.

Second Place (tie): GearCommons

Presented by Tufts School of Engineering Biomedical and Engineering Management alumnus Michael Brown (2010) and Tufts School of Arts and Sciences alumnus James Rogers (2010) along with Joel Weber.

GearCommons is the first website for peer-to-peer outdoor gear rentals. Gear owners can make money by renting gear to their neighbors, and people who need gear can find it easily from someone nearby.

Second Place (tie): Protector Medical

Protector Medical
Presented by Tufts School of Engineering seniors Briana Bouchard, Diana Burns and Claire Rogers.

Designed to be used by every pediatric patient that enters intensive care, the ivProtek provides a unique way to secure IVs that is streamlined, simple, and painless.

Honorable Mention:

Presented by Tufts Biomedical Engineering research associate Jonathan Kluge, Tufts School of Engineering alumnus Keleigh Sanford and Tufts University School of Engineering Biomedical Professors Fiorenzo Omanetto and David Kaplan.

Stabilize today, analyze tomorrow. Spectrasilk’s technology will eliminate the cold chain by using silk as a matrix to stabilize biologicals, such as blood or saliva, for on-demand screening of common diseases and infections.

Presented by Tufts School of Engineering MSEM student Brian Kaufman.

Stwist uses micro data to individually deliver emails to your customers at the most probable time that they will engage. The system is adaptive and treats each customer as an individual not a list .

Veraquel Technologies, Inc.
Presented by Tufts School of Arts and Sciences Visiting Scientist Vittorio Montanari and Tufts University Chemistry Professor Krishna Kumar along with Vijay Murthy.

Veraquel Technologies is commercializing a transformative technology for manufacturing peptide drugs, scalable from discovery to large-scale production. This technology eliminates the need for costly and inefficient purification procedures, revolutionizing the production of these life-changing drugs.

The winners of the 2014 $100k New Ventures Competition - Social Track are:

First Place: ScriptEd Boston

ScriptEd Boston
Presented by Tufts alumnus Rebecca Novak along with Maurya Couvares.

ScriptEd empowers students in under-resourced schools to change their trajectories and become the creators of tomorrow’s technology. ScriptEd provides classes, mentorship, and internship experiences to prepare low-income students for careers in computer programming.

Second Place: AutismSees

Presented by Tufts School of Arts and Science sophomore Danielle Feerst along with Catherine Mitchell and Devika Patel.

Millions of Autistic adults struggle with public speaking. This represents lost opportunity for societal contribution, until now. AutismSees creates tools that enhance presentation skills through rewards combined with a virtual audience mimicking human facial presence.

Third Place: Virtudent

Presented by Tufts School of Dental Medicine resident Hitesh Tolani, along with Shant Hagopian and Thomas Filip.

The US Surgeon General has declared oral health a “silent epidemic.” Virtudent employs telehealth technology to help reduce overtreatment, reduce insurance fraud, and increase oral health care access for underserved populations via virtual dental visits.

Honorable Mention:

Clair de Lune - Solar Light Distributors
Presented by Tufts Fletcher School Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy students Andrew Lala and Tommy Galloway.

We’re launching a distribution platform for solar lights that uses existing bus infrastructure and cultural remittance practices to reach the base of the pyramid in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Presented by Tufts Fletcher School graduate students Michael Joyce, Quang Truone and Ravi Kaneriya along with Simmy Willemann and Ed Winters.

Evaptainer is an ultra-low-cost cold chain solution for produce in developing countries. We plan to use an age old technology in a novel application to connect smallholder farmers to markets, pulling them out of poverty.

Rugged Communications
Presented by Tufts alumnus Alex Blum along with Noah Haas and Greg Cherkowski.

We bring phone and internet services to the edges of the earth. We deliver solar-powered, wireless telecommunications services to remote locations.