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After the semi-finalist presentations on March 8th 2019, the judges selected 6 teams from each track to move forward to the final competition on April 5th.

General Business & Technology Track:


Team: Greg Kulchyckyj,Shehryar Malik, Daniel Westrich, Philip Wang

Dyne is a comprehensive platform designed to enhance the dining experience at casual full-service restaurants. Through their smartphones, users can identify restaurants, access digital menus, place orders, and pay for meals. Restaurants gain control by leveraging user profiles, gaining exposure, and attaining analytics that do not exist in the market. 

Enterprise Blockchain Exchange 

Team: Nicholas Jacobs 

The Enterprise Blockchain Exchange (EBE) designs and sells intuitive, easy-to-use SaaS software enabling businesses globally to reap the benefits of blockchain.   


Team: Alexander Wulkan 

Estateably is an estate settlement platform that allows financial professionals to dramatically expedite the estate settlement process through the digitization of paper-based processes while maintaining regulatory compliance. 

Kandula Hard Kombucha 

Team:Yiwen Fan  Divya Joseph Alfred Naayem Julia Novakoff Akbota Sakhiyeva

Kandula Hard Kombucha is the next big thing in alcohol. For those in pursuit of a long, healthy life, our 104 calorie Hard Kombucha is here for you. Our mission is to provide the healthiest buzz you’ll ever have, so you never have to give up on fun. 


Team: Dean Lu 

Kraklet is the first company that focuses solely on providing high-quality, timely, and consistent translations of Japanese comics (manga) through an on-demand, all-you-can-read platform for a low monthly subscription. We have all of the most popular manga, as well as an increasing number of less popular titles, from every genre. 


Team: Olaoluwa Faleye  Geoffrey Grumbach Jacqueline Kirk

NeverClog prevents shower drain clogs from occurring while simultaneously trapping and neutralizing all shower waste with our environmentally friendly enzyme blend.   

MedTech & Life Sciences Track:


Team: Sophia Atik  Kushant Sunkara Yuxuan Wang Amanda Wang

Cermontix is a non-invasive cerebral monitoring device, utilizing functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) technology to continuously monitor cerebral blood flow and cerebral blood volume through a cap sensor in close to real-time (3 minutes delay). The hemodynamic (blood flow to tissue) data collected through the optical sensors is processed via a proprietary algorithm that calculates the most important value: intracranial pressure. 


Team: Valencia Joyner Koomson  Alper KILIC  

Millions of children die and suffer from profound disabilities due to brain damage caused at birth. HemoLife is transforming the way we monitor the development of fragile lives at the beginning of life by providing noninvasive pediatric tools to measure oxygen flow to the brain. 

Hero Patch 

Team: Tiffany (Lulu) Li  Jake Lombardo Robert Treiber III Konstantinos Tzortzakis

For those who experience acute pain, Hero Patch is the first effective, targeted relief. Our revolutionary technology is healthier and more effective than the outdated alternatives. Leveraging low-cost microneedle production, we are changing the landscape of pain management. Hero Patch treats what actually hurts so that you can focus on life. 

Project Prenatal 

Team: Sameer Atrash 

Project Prenatal saves lives through creating access to dental care. They have created an innovative technology that automates the referral of patients in hospitals to dental offices. Project Prenatal aims to increase utilization of dental care by 14 million in the next five years through automation and convenience. 


Team: Anastasia Budinskaya  Chad Goldberg Divya Joseph

Sterilyse is a non-surgical alternative to traditional methods of companion animal spay and neuter. We believe current surgical methods are barbaric, expensive, and outdated and feel our patented injectable will improve the lives of vets, pet owners, and pets alike with our humane and cost-effective solution. 


Team:Jessica Elizabeth Crumbley Brooks  Charles Mace

We pattern paper cards with hydrophobic barriers to accurately control blood and plasma volume and distribution. Channels delineate flow paths allowing for sample pretreatment, active sensing, and separation to be performed on the card with out any additional input from the user or changing user workflow. 

Social Impact Track:


Team: Beverly Kodhek  Tyler Leong Ottillia Ni Jun Hyung Yoon  

CoPrep is an online, B2C company that provides two main services: personalized referrals and one-on-one technical interview coaching with young professionals in the software industry. 

Discus Institute 

Team: Joao Marinotti  Mengyun Yang Richard Zhang

What’s between you and the next world changing idea? Join Discus and get exclusive access to a list of curated challenges from real NGOs and people that can use your help today. We will make sure your company knows why Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility matter. 

Kisaan (Farmer) 

Team: Mohammad Uzair Akram  Aesclinn Donohue

Kisaan (Farmer) is an asset-based financial product that features flexible repayment schedules, allows farmers to share risk and complies with the local Islamic financial norms. The objective is to reduce the costs of agricultural inputs to smallholder farmers and to improve their socioeconomic status in Punjab Province, Pakistan. 

Little Aleppo

Team: Diana Rayes  Adham Sahloul  

Little Aleppo delivers delicious, organic Mediterranean spreads and dips using authentic, traditional plant-based recipes. Our food is 7-ingredients or less, preservatives and gluten-free, and produced with mindful environmental standards by Syrian refugees in the USA.   

The Now Exchange 

Team: Giulia Bova  Farah Momen  

TNE will train health workers in Bangladeshi garment factory clinics to administer the Sayana Press (SP) injectible contraceptive to interested women over the course of one year (4 doses), with the eventual goal of offering a range of women's health services via garment factory clinics (which are mandated in factories with 300+ employees). 

Sustainable Agriculture for All - SustAg4all 

Team: J Natalia Estrada acquie Kay  Luis Villegas Rockford Weitz  

SustAg4all is a knowledge, community and finance platform for sustainable agriculture, initially focused on avocados. In Colombia, the peace process is at the post-conflict stage where reintegrados and farmers can work together to lead the world’s $23 Billion avocado market in ten years with positive social and environmental impact.