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Who should enter?

The Tufts Ideas Competition is designed for early stage business ideas. Winners will receive a cash prize, mentorship and invitations to attend a robust series of workshops covering topics such as start-up legal considerations, funding and creating an effective pitch. Open to Tufts students, faculty and staff, the competition provides individuals with validation and support for a business idea.

You may enter the Tufts Ideas competition multiple times and you may also enter the Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition.

Deadline to Apply: 2019 dates to be announced

Competition: November 15, 8:00am - 3:00pm

Eligibility for Tufts Ideas Competition

Applicants to the Tufts Ideas Competition must have actively participating executive members in major roles who are one, or more, of the following:

  • Matriculated Tufts University undergraduate student
  • Matriculated Tufts University graduate student
  • Tufts Postdoc, Research Fellow or Resident
  • Matriculated student at Tufts partnership school (School of the Museum of Fine Arts or New England Conservatory)
  • Tufts University faculty
  • Full-time Tufts University staff

Note: You can enter the Tufts Ideas Competition multiple times.  You can also enter both the Ideas Competition and the Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition–in fact, it’s encouraged!

SAMPLE APPLICATION: Tufts Ideas Competition
Deadline to Apply: To be announced in 2019

Name of idea: __________
Website (optional): __________
Tweet-able description of your idea:______________
With what industry does your venture most closely align? (Select one.)
Social Impact
• Life Science/Medical
• General / High Tech
Additional industry details (Select all that apply.)
• Energy / Clean Tech: General; Efficiency; Generation; Storage and/or Transmission
• General: Aerospace; Design; Entertainment & Media; Food, Beverages & Restaurants; Manufacturing; Materials; Other - Services; Retail and/or Transportation & Logistics
Healthcare/ Life Sciences: General; Diagnostics; Healthcare; Healthcare Delivery; Marine Technology; Medical Devices; Therapeutics (Pharma); Veterinary; Dental and/or Nutrition
High Tech: General; Enterprise Software; Gaming & Consumer; Hardware & Robotics; Internet & Web and/or Telecommunications & Mobile
Social Impact: General; Education; Environment; Peace & Human Rights and/or Public Health
Please describe the market opportunity or problem you are solving. (50 words)
Describe your solution. (50 words)
What is the "big idea" involved in this solution? That is, what change will result when your idea becomes a reality? (market change, technology change, business models, etc.)
Video (optional): Use a video to tell us what’s compelling about your idea and how it is going to make a difference. Please keep the video less than 2 minutes. We are interested in the content of the video, not the production value. Your cell phone is fine for recording purposes.
How long have you been working on this idea?
0-3 months
• 4-6 months
• 6-12 months
• 1 year +
Are you for profit or non-profit?
For profit
• Non-profit
• Undecided
If you're a for-profit company, how do you plan to make money? If you're a non-profit, what's your funding model? (50 words)
Approximately how big is the market you're targeting in terms of customers? Are there any competitors? (100 words)
What is innovative about this approach? (150 words)
What are the key risk factors to the business as you explore this opportunity? (100 words)
Is there anything else you would like to tell us in support of the application that might help the judges? (150 words)
Graphic/photo upload: If you have a graphic or photo that helps to illustrate your business, please upload it here.  (up to 10 MB)