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The Tufts Legends of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award

In 2018, the Derby Entrepreneurship Center created "The Tufts Legends of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award" to honor and show appreciation to Tufts alumni who best exemplify the spirit, experience, and success of entrepreneurship. This award demonstrates a continuing passion for the unique role that Tufts University plays in the larger ecosystem of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

We are very proud of the important recognition that has been placed on this award throughout Tufts University. This continuing recognition made through this award, given the significant achievements of Tufts alumni who have founded and co-founded successful companies, will be made twice each academic year: once in the fall, and once at the conclusion of the $100k New Ventures Competition in April.

Awards Recipients

October 2019

Bill Cummings

Bill Cummings, Founder and CEO of Cummings Properties

Bill Cummings never aspired to be a billionaire—and never acknowledged he was one until long after it happened. That’s because it is not money that motivates him, but rather the immense enjoyment he gets from building and growing successful businesses. He thrives at being an opportunist and believes that this often-misunderstood trait is one of the key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

April 2019

Diane Hessan

Diane Hessan, Founder and Chair of C Space, a leading worldwide marketing company

November 2018

John Bello

John Bello, Founder and COE of SoBe and IZZE Beverage Company, which were later sold to Pepsi.