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The Alan Shapiro Entrepreneurial Lecture Series was established by the Shapiro Family - Jake, A08, Caleb, A11, and Felice, A08P, A11P, a teacher in the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program - in memory of the late Alan Shapiro, A08P, A11P. The series affords students and alumni the opportunity to hear from distinguished guests who are recognized for their achievement and expertise as entrepreneurial leaders.  

Described by his sons as “an entrepreneur who embraced change, an innovator and early-adopter,” Alan was known for his creative mind, curiosity and cutting-edge spirit. This lecture series honors his legacy by showcasing entrepreneurs whose stories about disruptive innovations, effective change-making and leadership can inspire students and alumni about what is possible.

Past events have featured:

  Jamie Turner
  CEO, 60 Second Marketer, Author
  Spring 2018 Lecture




  Seth Godin
  Marketing Legend, Best Selling Author & Tufts Alum
  Spring 2017 Lecture




Eric Giler, CEO WiTricity

  John Sculley
  Former President of Pepsi Co. and CEO of Apple
  Spring 2016 Lecture
  Summary from the event.



Eric Giler, CEO WiTricity

  Eric Giler
  CEO, WiTricity
  Spring 2013 Lecture
  Summary and photos from the event.