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Day 3 - Social Impact Entrepreneurship Ideathon


Feb 21, 2021, 8am EST

In partnership with Tisch College of Civic Life, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts Entrepreneurship Center (TEC) will be hosting a 48h Ideathon from February 19, 5pm to February 21, 5pm in 2021.

The purpose of this experimental event is to inspire the broader Tufts community to meet and mingle with people they don’t normally work with and brainstorm to solve big problems with social impact via innovation and entrepreneurship. There is no coding involved – all are welcome.

The event will be open to students, alumni, and others in the Tufts community. We will be using Zoom to facilitate networking and mingling.

We will kick off the event with a preview of coming attractions for the 48h of problem-solving. Then we will introduce our domain experts who will present problem statements in the following areas:

  1. Environmental Sustainability and Climate Justice
  2. Equitable access to Basic needs: Food, Healthcare, Housing & more
  3. Fostering civil discourse: Enabling dialog through education, media and more

We will then host facilitated networking and pitch-to-match sessions to help you form teams.

Teams will choose a problem to solve, and develop an idea for a solution that addresses this problem through innovation and entrepreneurship. Teams will present their ideas to their peers and to judges on the second day.

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