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Jumbo Cafe "Deep Dive" Series: Competitive Analysis and Differentiation


Feb 10, 2021, 12pm EST

This workshop is part of the Tufts Entrepreneurship Center "Deep Dive" series. If you are passionate and want to make a difference, but you have not worked on innovation and entrepreneurship projects before, these workshops will kick-start your entrepreneurship journey. You can join this event even if your schedule doesn't allow you to attend all seven in the series!

Developing a solution that solves a real customer problem is only part of the puzzle. The real challenge is to develop a solution that brings true benefits to the customer, and that offers a unique value proposition. In other words, the solution needs to be both different and better than everything available to date – including doing nothing different. This is very different from classical competitive analyses where you compare your product against other similar products in the same product category – because in many cases, you are creating a new product category. You need to frame it in the context of what the customer sees, needs and wants – not just what your competition offers from a product and services standpoint.

In this workshop, we will cover exactly this topic. We will provide you with templates for developing your benefit statement, your unique value proposition (UVP), explain how to construct a 2×2 competitive matrix, and the Moore’s positioning statement. You will have an opportunity to fill out some of these templates during the workshop, and share your insights with other entrepreneurs.  You will be provided with curated content you can use to help you continue to evolve your UVP and positioning statement as you collect more data from your primary customer research.

Location Details: Virtual

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