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Jumbo Café: Developing a Financially Sustainable Venture


For any new venture, it is important to develop a strategy for financial sustainability. In standalone ventures (such as a startup or a new non-profit organization), it is the business model: What are the different ways you can generate revenue from your paying customers – and how do they pay you? How much and how often? In internal-facing ventures (such as an organization generating solutions for internal customers), it is the notion of quid pro quo: What value are you offering to internal customers (saving time? saving money?) and how are the internal customers “paying” you (with in-kind services? With social mentions?)

In the 4th session of our "Getting Started" series, we will touch on go-to-market strategies, business models, and the basics of unit and overall financials. We will touch on the importance of having the right pricing architecture and strategy, and the best ways to test pricing and purchase intent. You can join this event even if your schedule doesn't allow you to attend all five in the series!

Instructor: Josh Wiesman, Professor of the Practice, Entrepreneurship and Business Planning; Hub, Strategic Platform | Co-Developer, CarryOn CBD, Ocean Spray


When: October 21st from 12PM - 1PM EDT

Where: Virtual log-in information will be emailed to registrants

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