Get to Know Victoria Godfrey | Gordon Institute at Tufts
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On MSEM’s New Product Development and Marketing learning module:

“In the marketing module, I teach students about marketing strategy, market research, branding, and marketing communications. Students are challenged to apply these skills as they work together on a team to develop a new product concept. By the end of the semester, each team has created a product concept, defined the target market, developed a unique and compelling product position, and created a marketing plan. The final presentations are always fantastic—very professional, polished, and persuasive. This course prepares students to collaborate effectively with marketing colleagues or product innovation teams, or to launch entrepreneurial ventures in their careers.”

On teaching goals:

“My objective is to teach students the key elements of marketing so that in the workplace they understand the marketing perspective. In their careers, many students will need to collaborate with marketing departments, and my goal is to show them how marketers think, what marketers’ key objectives are, and what some of the key foundational elements of marketing are. Many of my students know they need a marketing perspective—but not necessarily the complete spectrum of marketing skills—to advance their career.”

On teaching style

“I take an extremely practical approach to teaching. I call on the consumer perspective, because every one of my students can relate to that. We talk about what brands they like and what appeals to them. My students become very intrigued and value the different viewpoint. I also leverage my professional experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work with well-known brands, such as Polaroid, Fidelity,, and Zipcar. I use only real-life experiences and examples, and I bring in colleagues from my professional network to offer valuable expertise and insight.”

On teaching at TGI:

“Marketing has evolved tremendously over the last decade. It’s a dynamic subject to teach, which I really like. I’ve lectured in the MSEM program since 2001, while concurrently juggling a demanding professional life and a fulfilling personal life. I teach because I love it. And teaching at The Gordon Institute is extremely satisfying. The faculty is exceptional, and the students are remarkable. I’m in awe of what they accomplish and proud to be a part of it.”