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As you consider Tufts Gordon Institute for graduate studies, you may have questions. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way. 

Below, you will find commonly asked questions for the master's degree programs we offer: the MS in Innovation and Management, the Dual Degree program (MS in Innovation and Management + MS in Engineering), and both the On-Campus and Online MS in Engineering Management.

If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to reach out to our Office of Admissions by contacting or calling (617) 627-2004 directly.

General Admissions Questions

Below are commonly asked questions regarding the logistics of the admissions process. Program-specific answers are listed for the instances in which requirements differ for the various programs.

Does Tufts Gordon Institute offer financial aid? Can international students receive financial assistance?

Tufts Gordon Institute offers merit-based scholarships to qualified applicants for all of our graduate programs. Recipients will be notified of the amount and terms of their award at the time of acceptance. International students are eligible for these scholarships.

To be considered for a tuition scholarship, applicants must fill out the financial aid section of the online application. We encourage applicants who want to be considered for a Gordon Institute scholarship to complete their application for admission, along with the corresponding financial assistance section, by the Round 2 application deadline.

Check out our Scholarships and Financial Aid page for information on other scholarships offered to students and alumni of Tufts University, partner institutions in our MS Bridge program, and U.S. veterans.

Can I waive my application fee?

Yes! The application fee is waived for all prospective students who attend an information session for their program of interest. View all upcoming information sessions.

The fee is also waived for students and alumni of Tufts University, partner institutions in our MS Bridge program and other applicants who meet specific criteria. View the complete list of who qualifies for an application fee waiver.  

What are the application deadlines?

There are multiple application rounds for all of our master’s degree programs. View upcoming deadlines.

Do applicants need to complete an interview to be accepted into the program?

Some applicants will be contacted by the admissions committee for an in-person or virtual interview following a thorough review of their completed applications. In these cases, you will be contacted directly by a member of our admissions team to schedule your interview. Receiving an interview request is not indicative of your admissions decision as some admitted students will not need to go through the interview process.  

Who should I ask to write my letters of recommendation?

For the MS in Engineering Management programs, the letters should be from individuals who can make specific comments on your performance in the workplace. It is preferable for your current supervisor to complete one of the recommendations.

For the MS in Innovation and Management program, the letters can be either academic (written by professors) or professional. If you have work experience, it is preferable for one of the letters to be from a work supervisor/manager.

Learn more about application requirements.

Is any standardized testing such as the GRE or GMAT required?

For the On-Campus and Online MSEM programs, standardized test scores are not required.

For the MSIM program, GRE/GMAT scores are not required for applicants who have an undergraduate or graduate degree from a U.S. institution. GRE/GMAT scores are required for applicants who earned their degree outside of the U.S.

The GRE/GMAT requirement is waived for all Tufts students and alumni, as well as students and alumni from our MS Bridge partner institutions.

All test scores should be reported directly to Tufts University. Your GRE/GMAT scores can be reported to Tufts University after you have submitted your application, but no more than 2 weeks after the application deadline. 

View the Tufts University code numbers for submitting your GRE/GMAT.

Do you only accept students with undergraduate engineering degrees?

Although the majority of our students in our degree programs have STEM degrees, it is not a requirement for admission. We look for strong quantitative ability as evidenced by prior success in technical or mathematics coursework, and a strong desire to leverage technology to develop innovative solutions to drive impact. Each year students join the Tufts Gordon Institute community with a wide range of backgrounds, including business and the liberal arts.

Can I enroll in a few courses before fully enrolling in a master’s program?

Yes. Tufts Gordon Institute offers individual graduate-level courses through University College. Two courses can later be transferred in as electives for the MSEM or MSIM program should you decide to apply. Enroll in a course or discover offerings. 

Are the MS degrees (Online MSEM, On-Campus MSEM, and MSIM) offered at Tufts Gordon Institute STEM degrees?

Yes, all degrees offered through Tufts Gordon Institute qualify as STEM degrees.

After submitting my application, how long does it take to hear back regarding a decision?

 Applicants will generally hear back from the admissions committee within 4-6 weeks from the application deadline.

On-Campus & Online MSEM Questions

The MS in Engineering Management program is a part-time program for working professionals offered on-campus and online. While many logistics are the same, any program-specific differences are noted below.

Is the MSEM program a full-time program?

The Online and On-Campus MSEM programs are part-time, designed for working professionals. The Online MSEM program is 100% online and asynchronous so that students study on their own schedules. The On-Campus MSEM program is designed for students living or working in the Boston area and offers classes in the evening from 6pm - 9pm. If you are seeking a full-time, on-campus program, please check out our MS in Innovation and Management program.

On average, how much time do students invest in the MSEM program?

The MSEM programs were designed with working professionals’ full-time schedules in mind, and the hours required for course-related work and projects are commensurate with part-time graduate study. While the time spent is highly individual, most students report spending an average of 10-12 per week on their studies.

When do classes start? Can I join the program in the spring?

With the Online MSEM program’s flexible, self-paced structure, students can choose to begin the program in either the Spring or Fall semesters. The On-Campus MSEM program is currently only available with a Fall semester start.

Are MSEM students required to have work experience?

A minimum of two years of work experience (including internships) is strongly preferred for both the Online and On-Campus MSEM programs. Recent college graduates are not suitable candidates for our MSEM programs, but may want to consider our full-time MSIM (MS in Innovation and Management) as no work experience is required. Check out our Degrees at a Glance page to review the key features of both programs.

If I enroll in the Online MSEM program, will my diploma or transcript indicate mode of instruction?

Whether you complete the MSEM program online or on-campus, the degree earned is the same. Diplomas and transcripts do not specify the mode in which the degree was earned.

How do the online courses work? How do Online MSEM students interact with their professors and cohort members?

Online courses are delivered asynchronously allowing you the flexibility to engage in self-paced studies. Assignments, interactive discussions boards, class notes, and more are managed through Canvas, the learning management system at Tufts University. 

Ensuring your success throughout the program, our faculty members host individualized coaching sessions and virtual office hours with your unique schedule in mind. Each course also offers regular, supplementary opportunities to engage with fellow cohort members and instructors, including group-based assignments and discussions. 

Unequivocally, students can expect high-quality and meaningful interactions to help them become bold, transformative leaders. Learn more about the Online MSEM.

For the Online MSEM, if I don't take all Core Courses (Part 1 or Part 2) in one semester, when can I take them next?

Courses included in the Online MSEM Core Part 1 and 2 are offered during both Fall and Spring semesters, providing you the flexibility to take courses at your own pace. In other words, if you choose to take half of the courses offered in Core Part 1, you do not need to wait till the same semester of the subsequent academic year to finish the remaining courses. You can do so the following semester.