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M.S. in Engineering Management Class of 2011 Graduates

Raytheon Engineer Matthew Toia Presented with Outstanding MSEM Student Award

“2011 is a vintage year.” Those were the remarks provided by Professor of the Practice Sam Liggero at Tufts Gordon Institute (TGI) M.S. in Engineering Management (MSEM) graduation celebration. More than 100 MSEM students, their families, Tufts Gordon Institute faculty and staff gathered at Alumnae Lounge on May 17 to commemorate the completion of the two-year program.

Speaking on behalf of the faculty, Liggero used wine as an analogy comparing the Class of 2011 to a “fine red wine.” “I’m talking about the Bordeaux of France, the Barolos of Italy, the Cabernets of California. Those wines need time and they need the right conditions to realize their full potential. Here at TGI we’ve tried to provide an environment and conditions where each of you have had the opportunity to develop your full potential.”

Rob Hannemann, director of Tufts Gordon Institute, opened the evening with welcoming remarks noting that everyone at TGI is extremely proud of the group and that the students should also be proud of their accomplishment. Hannemann remarked that it’s no small feat to complete the MSEM program given its intense nature and the fact that the majority of students are continuing to work full-time while completing the program. Referencing the issue of global warming, he noted that given the numerous problems the world faces today we are in dire need of engineering leaders and that he believes each student has the potential to make a real difference.

Echoing Hannemann’s remarks about being an engineering leader was Director of the MSEM program, Mary Viola. She recalled how each of the students came to the program as individuals with the common aspiration of becoming engineering leaders. “Now two years later I see not individuals or people from Raytheon, or Cabot, or iRobot or AstraZeneca but I see a community of students and people who have grown together and helped each other become the leaders they can be.”

Following Viola, Professors of the Practice Charlie Rabie and Partha Ghosh presented the MSEM Distinguished Student Awards to recognize individuals’ academic performance and leadership qualities. Winners included:

  • Spencer Beane, Director of Resource Recovery, Organica Water
  • Ronit Fuhrman, Senior Product Development Engineer, Atrium Medical Corporation
  • Calvin Kwon, Chemical Engineer, US Army
  • Lana Luo, Design Engineer, GE Aviation
  • Alex Madsen, Mechanical Engineer, iRobot
  • Rachael Marino, Product Development Engineer, 3M
  • Dan Monopoli, Principal Member Technical Staff, Draper Laboratory

Following the student distinction awards, Viola presented the Outstanding MSEM Student award to Matthew Toia, a software engineer at Raytheon, for his superior performance and distinguished contributions in all aspects of the program.

Concluding the evening, Toia candidly spoke about his experience in the program. Toia noted that part of the learning was, of course, from the professors and the classes, but that he learned so much from all of his classmates. “We all learn from each other and that is what makes this program so great. It is all of us together that form that learning at TGI so I thank all of you.”

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