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Practicum Sponsors Commend Student Consulting Work

This summer more than 60 1st year MSEM students worked on 15 MSEM consulting projects – also known as the Team Practicum. Of the 15 projects, initial sponsor evaluation results show impactful results. On average the teams received high scores on all evaluation questions.

– Overall project team’s performance (4.14 out of 6-pt. scale)
– Importance of the project results to their organization (4.3 out of 5-pt scale)
– Satisfaction with the project results (4.6 out of 5-pt. scale)

Being a sponsor for the TGI Practicum project was a wonderful experience. The team could not have been more professional and responsive. Their energy and intelligence was apparent from the outset and consistent all summer long.
Caroline Carney, Registered Dietitian, Good Measures

This was a difficult project because by the very nature of business planning for a new technology the path is not well-defined. The Tufts Gordon Institute MSEM team took the first step in formalizing a true business plan for the commercialization of our robotic technology. The act of having bright people think, plan and dedicate themselves to a course of action is invaluable. Their work will serve as the foundation for the next steps in the commercialization of what we believe to be an exciting, revolutionary technology.
­­­­­Bob Treiber, President, Boston Engineering

Sample of 2013 Practicum Projects

Team members: Daniel Ensel (Raytheon), Peter Kecman (Genzyme), Matt McGovern (Shire) and Elizabeth Sekrak (Boston Scientific)

Create a business plan to bring non-invasive treatments for deep vein thrombosis to market.

Boston Engineering
Team members: Ashley King (MIT), Monica Pheifer (Johnson & Johnson), Andrew Pomeroy (Instrumentation Laboratory) and Shwetha Bhadravathi Mallikarjuna

Develop a commercialization plan for robotic underwater vehicle the BIOSwimmer.

Team members: Stephen Brown (Tufts University), Benjamin Goodrich (MITRE Corporation), Brian Kaufman (Acme Packet) and Thomas Stanley (Raytheon)

Create a pilot project for a website advertisement syndication service for the eye care industry.

Team members: Washington Alves (Merrimack Pharmaceuticals), Jamie Brooks (Philips), Anuja Rajbhandari (Genzyme) and Kalan Shah (Medtronic)

Conduct market research regarding consumer response to its electronic display technology in a variety of applications.

Team members: David DeChellis (Tufts University), Poornima Devaraj (Rane Brake Lining Ltd.), Jason Fonseca (EMC Corporation) and Rajasekaran Rajagopal (EMC Corporation)

Conduct market analysis regarding a comprehensive data center software platform.

GE Water
Team members: Maria Barrett (Raytheon), Joshua Boisclair (GE), Se Jin Kim and Shane Lentini (Nova Biomedical)

Evaluate multiple, complex engineering companies’ productivity methodologies and create a compilation of best practices. 

Good Measures
Team members: Timothy Ekey (OSRAM Sylvania), Matthew Hollis (Raytheon), Kristen Hurley (Raytheon), Joseph Reale (Genzyme) and John Southard (Perkin Elmer)

Conduct a competitive analysis of the mobile fitness tracker market including FitBit, Nike, and Adidas.

Oncam Grandeye
Team members: Godwin Chukwu (Dell Marketing), Alan Manos (Berklee College of Music), Manoj Nair (Core Security Technologies Inc.) and Julian Salcedo (Rockwell Automation)

Business analysis of the market opportunity for a cloud based security management system.

Team members: Conor Beote (GE Energey), Jennifer Braggin (Entegris Inc.), John Hanlon (National Grid) and Lindsay Kaye (Draper Laboratory)

Analyze how emerging technologies might directly or indirectly impact different sources of hydrocarbon and effect their economics and/or likely environmental impact.

Team members: Endri Angjeli (Ora Inc.), Nathan Cronin (Integra LifeSciences), Matthias Hoagland-Henefield (Children’s Hospital) and Christopher Pardy (Vistaprint)

Compile assessment of companies involved in orphan/rare disease space, leading to recommendations for strategy.

Team members: Karl Berger (Hanscom Air Force Base), Ivy Lawson (Wellington Management), Deb Mascara (Tufts University), Kai Mu (General Motors) and Erik Surface (Citrix Systems, Inc.)

Examine current distribution and sales models for machine-to-machine (M2M) equipment and investigate newer paths to market, leading to presentation of overall global strategy for M2M.

Other 2013 practicum sponsors included: iRobot and Natick Soldier Research Development & Engineering Center (NSRDEC).

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