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MSEM Alumni Survey Results Are In

Back in June, Tufts Gordon Institute (TGI) surveyed all Masters in Engineering Management (MSEM) alumni to gain insight on how their careers have progressed based on their experience in the program. The results show accelerated career progression, specifically while students were still enrolled and soon after graduating. TGI will be producing a comprehensive report on the findings this fall but is offering a sneak peak to celebrate the successes of our fantastic, growing alumni community.

Survey Takers:

  • Total: 338 (almost 50% of MSEM alumni!)
  • Class Range: 1989 – 2016
  • Top Responding Classes:
  • 2016: 14%
  • 2015: 11%
  • 2012: 10%
  • Top Companies:
    • Raytheon
    • GE
    • Shire
    • EMC
    • Draper
  • Top Industries:
    • Defense/Aerospace
    • Pharma/Life Sciences
    • Computer & Computer Hardware/Software
  • 92% of survey takers would recommend the program to a friend or colleague
  • 33% were a parent while enrolled
  • 6% live outside the United States
  • 18% live outside of New England

Promotions & Salary Changes:

For the total population of survey takers, over 30% received a promotion while still enrolled in the program, and 73% received a promotion within two years after graduation. The class of 2016 showed the most immediate career progression, as 55% of the class was promoted while still enrolled. We have multiple success stories over the years of alumni crediting their immediate success and promotions to the MSEM program at TGI.

Not only are our alumni moving up in their careers after enrolling, but they are also recouping their investment within two years of graduation on an average. This proves consistent return on investment for alumni over the almost 30 years of the program. This is an important parameter to gauge the success of the program and it’s immediate as well as long-term benefits to alumni. We are excited to showcase more alumni statistics and highlight more alumni success this fall.