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M.S. in Innovation & Management Complete Innovation Sprint #1


The M.S. in Innovation & Management (MSIM) students successfully completed their first Innovation Sprint December 2016. Tasked with developing a new product or service idea that solves a real-world customer problem, the four diverse teams of students came together to present their findings to faculty, staff and a student audience at Tufts Gordon Institute.

Kevin Oye, Director M.S. in Innovation & Management commented,

It was great to see not only how their products were shaped by continuous interactions with customers, but also the depth to which they carried out their ideation, business and financial modeling, and their team work skills.

Student Innovators Team Projects:

Brio is a portable body cleaning device that provides a shower-like experience without the water”

 “Hydraid is a non-invasive monitor that measures hydration level and provides real-time feedback to users”

OnGuard is a concussion warning system that provides instant impact alerting, data tracking, and analysis”

ProTecht® is an automated vital sign monitoring wearable that calls for medical care during emergencies”

Benny Kim, MSIM ‘17– “The best part of the Innovation Sprint was being able to work with experts and seasoned entrepreneurs. Getting feedback from successful CEOs, CFOs, Marketing Directors who are there to help you succeed is not something you can find easily. Is starting your own business easy? No. But after one semester, I can feel the incredible advantage that I have.”

Sarah Drury, MSIM ‘17– “The first Innovation Sprint was a lesson in moving forward and growing under pressure. Each team started with an initial idea and ended up delivering something resembling its third cousin twice removed, which happened to be much more interesting and promising. The classroom was a place where creativity and absurdity were valued as much as the ability to think strategically and make tough decisions.”

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