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MSEM Alumni Career Report

Our MSEM alumni are taking their careers to new heights. We recently surveyed our alumni to see how their careers have progressed, and the results are in!

View the full report (PDF).

Of our 800 alumni, over 40% completed the survey. Respondents reported on career advancement, earnings, and workplace skills. Overall satisfaction with the program is high - with 95% of alumni stating they would recommend the program to colleagues looking to take their career to the next level.

A few highlights from the report:

MSEM Class of 2016

  • 2 years after graduation – projected time to recoup investment
  • $11,379 average increase in salary while enrolled
  • 55% promoted while enrolled in the program
  • 44% of those promoted into management positions

MSEM Classes of 2013-2015

  • 39% changed industries
  • 60% transitioned to a new job function
  • 23% work at a startup or started their own business

“The Tufts MSEM program offered a fast track to take on bigger picture projects sooner in my career. I was ready to switch careers, and within six months of graduating I accepted an offer I would never have received without my degree. Now I’m steering the company’s future products.”

-Jason Jamallo, MSEM ’12, Senior Manufacturing Innovation Engineer, New Balance

The MSEM alumni network of over 1,000 members continues to expand. They span all types of companies, industries, and job functions. Our alumni are leaders at places like Google, Dell Corporation, Biogen, Shire,, and Raytheon, to name just a few.

Here’s a look at what our alumni are saying about how their careers have progressed:

Before I even graduated with my MSEM, I was able to transition my career and join a multinational company. After graduating, I was promoted and now I directly apply the skills I learned at Tufts to manage two global infrastructure teams.”

-Lee Raymond, MSEM ’14, Infrastructure Services Manager, Nuance Communications

“I learned that leadership comes in many forms, and that my strength and confidence comes from being a quiet leader who considers the humanistic perspectives of my decisions. That’s helped me co-found a company that created the word’s first smart wine bottle.”

-Geoff Lansberry, MSEM ’10, Co-Founder, Kuvée

View the full report (PDF).