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Beyond the Classroom: MSIM Students Visit Innovative Local Companies

The Innovator’s Mindset Series expands student’s experiences by encouraging them to think creatively and be open to unexpected experiences. M.S. in Innovation & Management students are introduced to industry leaders through a series of weekly seminars and company visits. They are encouraged to look at problems with a fresh perspective, through non-tech classes in improv, fine arts, and even drawing. This semester, students visited a diverse set of companies: innovative medical device companies like Medtronic’s Advanced Energy and Ximedica, roundtables with entrepreneurial alumni like Dylan Wilks (Founder and CTO, Orange Photonics) and creative workshops like a master class with Benjamin Zander (Conductor, Boston Philharmonic).

Innovator’s Mindset Series Spring 2017 featured:

Dylan Wilks, MSEM ’14, Founder, CTO, Orange Photonics — marijuana potency testing device
Bill Siopes, MSEM ’12, Senior R&D Manager, Medtronics Advanced Energy — developer of advanced medical devices for surgeons and doctors to improve patient outcomes
Rene Robert, MSEM ’13, Engineering Manager, Ximedica — Developer firm for healthcare technologies and devices
Amos EpsteinCEO and Co-founder, TankUtility — Boston based start-up focusing on technology to measure and report propane tank levels
Benjamin Zander, Conductor, Boston Philharmonic — Master class with the conductor to expand creative thinking skills
Becky Bermont, Portfolio Director & Organization Designer, IDEO — Industry leader in design consulting
Greg Chittim, Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Operations, Arcadia Healthcare Solutions — Industry leader in strategy development for the healthcare industry