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Tufts hosts Entrepreneurship Showcase

On September 13th, Tufts Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies Program welcomed some of Tufts’ most innovative student-led start-ups back to campus! The Fall Entrepreneurship Showcase featured winners of the Tufts entrepreneurial competitions and Venture Lab Summer Accelerator teams, including Vasera, UCHU, PowerPlay, Lithio, Velum and ComeOn Girls.

Students from across Tufts attended this showcase to watch pitches from the featured teams and learn about the Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies Minor and the Entrepreneurial Events and Competitions available at Tufts.

Featured startups:

Vasera is a male contraceptive company that serves as a non-intrusive, non-surgical alternative to a vasectomy.

UCHU is a biosensor attached to a tooth that measures pH, which may help prevent carries disease.

PowerPlay is an educational technology company that creates structures that combine kinesthetic STEM learning for children, engaging physical activity, and smart city device connectivity.

Lithio Storage is utilizing their laboratory-developed ion gel electrolyte to fabricate batteries that are safer, flexible, and last longer on a single charge.

Velum has discovered a flexible, cost-effective way to generate hundreds of potent peptide drug candidates to address type 2 diabetes and obesity. Velum aims to discover drugs suitable for worldwide adoption under basic care standards.

ComeOnGirls is a scholarship program which helps rural female students go to high school. We aim to improve the enrollment rate of girls in secondary education as a means to boost sustainable development in the local community. Using the Wechat platform to raise funds from the public, we are now sponsoring 85 girls in Guizhou Province, China. We believe that in the way to development, local women’s power cannot be underestimated.