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Tufts Gordon Institute Launches New Flexible Three-Year MSEM

Tufts University’s Gordon Institute today announces an expansion of its graduate offerings with a Three-Year M.S. in Engineering Management. Starting in Fall 2018, the new program together with the Gordon Institute’s long-standing Two-Year MSEM allows busy technology professionals to choose the option that best meets their individual needs.

In the MSEM Flexible Three-Year option degree requirements and tuition payments are spread across four calendar years, providing students with an opportunity to better balance their financial costs and workload.

Students can also customize their degree by choosing to take two graduate level electives from any STEM field within the Tufts School of Engineering or School of Arts & Sciences in lieu of the Capstone Leadership project. The elective courses allow students to take advantage of the breadth of courses offered at Tufts – from bioengineering and computer science to data analytics and environmental policy and planning – and build knowledge in areas that are aligned with their interests.

“For more than three decades, Tufts MSEM degree has provided students with the business and leadership skills they need to be successful technology leaders,” said Mark Ranalli, Associate Dean & Executive Director Tufts Gordon Institute. “We recognize that every student has unique career goals, financial resources and demands on their personal time.”

“We are excited to offer this more flexible option to better meet the demands of working professionals and provide a more customizable curriculum. All our graduate programs provide the same enriching cohort experience, practical skills and rigorous academics that students expect of the Tufts Gordon Institute,” said Mary Viola, Director Engineering Management Programs and Professor of the Practice.

In addition to the Two-Year and Three-Year MSEM programs, Tufts Gordon Institute’s graduate offerings include: a One-Year full-time M.S. in Innovation & Management and individual Professional Education courses. 

About Tufts Gordon Institute

Tufts University’s Gordon Institute, a nationally recognized center within the School of Engineering, focuses on engineering leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship to help graduate and undergraduate students develop the tools they need to advance their careers, inspire teams, and bring innovative products to market. Founded by visionary and inventor Dr. Bernard Gordon, Tufts Gordon Institute is the first school dedicated to teaching engineering leadership.